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5 Best Marijuana Subscriptions Boxes

posted by Samuel Lozano January 11, 2017 0 comments

What do you think about getting your monthly supply of herbs, vaporizers, rolling paper, baggies, and other smoking accessories right at your doorsteps?

There is an increasing trend of subscription box market these days in almost every niche and cannabis community is no exception. More and more virtual supply companies offering marijuana merchandise are flooding the market. Although it has made it much easier to get cannabis supplies without leaving the comforts of your home but choosing the best subscription box out of the numerous options can be a hassle. In order to help you get the worth of your money we have reviewed various subscription boxes and enlisted the top five services below. Take a look!

  1. Canna Bake Box

Monthly Cost for Standard Box: $39/month. The box comprises of 5-9 smoking essentials and gear.

cannabox subscription



Canna Bake Box is all the rage these days among consumers. It’s trending due to the exceptional quality of herbs available at highly competitive prices. Considering that it’s a relatively new subscription service, they have garnered substantially good reviews and satisfied clientele in a very short span of time.

Canna Bake Box offers a range of flexible monthly and quarterly plans to suit every customer’s needs. Excellent customer service and fast shipping are an added advantage of taking their service. You can try a sample bakebox before entrusting them as your monthly stash provider. Trust us, you won’t regret!

  1. Pot Box

Monthly Cost for Standard Box: $149.99/ month for 10 gram marijuana.

Pot Box, which was founded in San Francisco, is one of the first cannabis subscription services that gained popularity. They specialize in providing all natural ethical cannabis at a decent price. The lab result cards that come along the box provide quality assurance. Pot box, unlike other subscription services offers only one set of package, which unfortunately means less flexibility for customers. But pot box does pride itself on delivering quality and ethically-produced cannabis.

  1. 420 Goody Box

Monthly Cost for Standard Box: $21.98/month. Box includes a glass pipe or vape pen along with 5-9 other smoking essentials.

420 Goody Box is another great option with comparable prices. The box is curated with handpicked items including a stoney gear, munchies and other essentials to let the good times roll. The best part is you will never know what your box holds until it actually reaches your door step and you open it up. The mystery element makes the subscription service interesting. The USP of 420 goody box is that it offers 100% money back guarantee, which solidifies the fact that they offer high quality marijuana.

  1. Stash Box

Monthly Cost for Standard Box: $30/month

How about getting your monthly supply of herbs in a mysterious box filled with smoking goods? Stash box is known for delivering monthly marijuana subscription in a mystery box. You get everything from papers, munchies, containers and other smoking essentials, which are hand-picked with care so that you get the most value of money. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your lifestyle and based on your profile your personalized stash box will be curated.

  1. Green Bake Box

Monthly Cost for Standard Box: $30/month

Green Bake box promises you a monthly supply of smoking essentials along with a few mysterious surprises. The contents of the box aren’t revealed. The box includes 12-15 different smoking essentials, which is delivered free of cost at your doorsteps if you order from US. There is a shipping charge of $15 for orders from Canada.



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