6 Ways to Choose Online Head Shop

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Choose Online Head Shop

North America has thousands of options to choose online head shop. Head shops are known also as smoke shops and tobacco shops. Since the perfect head shop isn’t available in all towns and cities, buyers are turning to ‘online’ mediums. However, not all buyers are comfortable buying online, fearing exposure as a cannabis user. Until and unless you’re ordering from a legitimate and trustworthy online head shop, you need not worry. In this article, I will talk about the ways to choose online head shop.

6 Ways to Choose Online Head Shop

Here you go:

#1 Exhaustive Selection

The online head shop has a wide and expansive selection of products, as compared to the brick and mortar shops. It is impossible to find an ‘offline’ shop that offers a wide selection of water pipes and other cannabis accessories. You can choose online head shop like Cloud Culture store to buy heady glasses from big artists that you cannot find it ‘offline’ smoke shops, massive selection of scientific glass, acrylic smokeware from quality craftsmen only, trusted brands of vaporizers and a large selection of glass and oil accessories.

#2 Priority Customer Service

If you choose an online head shop, you get priority customer support. I am not suggesting that brick and mortar shops do not offer customer service, but online, the response rate and satisfaction is substantially higher. Pipe manufacturers like Thick Ass Glass (review) are known for their priority customer service, and each of their support staff know the product in detail to help the customer. Otherwise, the support staff will be unable to help, and the customers remain frustrated. Comparatively, the local head shops often lack quality staff because they lack knowledge about the products sold in the shop.

#3 24 Hours Access

The popularity of online businesses is largely due to the fact of constant availability, and the same extends to an online head shop too. You can order anytime with an online head shop, and you can easily see if the products are available or ‘out of stock’. Comparatively, the local head shops take a lot of time to replenish their stocks and the staff often doesn’t have any idea what products are available and what not. While buying online, you can make the payment via debit card, credit card and PayPal, and have the product delivered to your home safely.

#4  Product Quality and Better Pricing

You should choose online head shop because of better pricing options and product quality. With an online head shop, there is the assurance of receiving authentic products, which might be non-existent with a local smoke shop. Various manufacturers are opting to partner with the online head shops at attractive prices. The manufacturers earn, and the online sellers earn too. A trusted online head shop will only keep authentic products. Do not waste your time with a local smoke shop.

#5 Low Pricing

Pricing is a major factor. You will notice that the cost of the same cannabis accessory is often different online and offline. Unless you opt for an online head shop that sells Chinese-manufactured products (read, cheap and deplorable), be ready to spend for authentic products. Let’s say; product A is available in a local smoke store at $150. You see the same online at two stores. Online store 1 sells the same for $140 and the online store 2 sells the same for $50. Never opt for the online store two because that is inevitably a fake or a China manufactured product. Opt for online store one pricing. I hope the example is clear.

#6 Social Media Presence

You should choose an online head shop with considerable social media presence. While these head shops follow buyer discretion, I would be doubtful of those online head shops without any active social media presence. Take a look at the seller website for social links of Facebook, Twitter and others. These days such social platforms are a veritable medium for customer support.


Keep the above six pointers in your mind. Choose online head shop that corroborates with these ways.

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