Best Portable Vaporizers For 2017

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Best Portable Vaporizers

A consolidated blog post on best portable vaporizers we’ve reviewed over time.

Vaporization is scientifically the best way to smoke marijuana. While the equipment for the same has been in markets for years, the benefits of vaporized smoking has only surfaced and been accepted in recent years.

Marijuana vaporizers come with simple heating devices and a delivery system. Commonly nicknamed Vapes, they use a fascinating system of conduction, convection, and radiation to bring you the perfect smoking experience.

The General Process of Marijuana Portable Vaporizers

The process is standard. The herb is heated to 185-210 degrees Celsius. The constant heat from the vaporizer heats up active ingredients in the herb after reaching the desired temperature.

The ingredients can evaporate into gas, leaving behind the core material and harmful intoxicant byproducts.

Using Marijuana Portable Vaporizers has numerous advantages:

  • They have been known to reduce irritation of the lungs.
  • Inhale a mist rather than the entire smoke. Get filtered ingredients.
  • Stuff like tar is filtered and reduces the risk to your respiratory organs.

Therefore, you should get a high quality vaporizer and start enjoying high quality smoking experiences. However, it can difficult to choose the right product in a sea of many suppliers, designers and brands.

Therefore, I have curated a list of some of the best vaporizers that I have used and reviewed on my blog, Weed Sumo.

Best Portable Vaporizers

List of Best Portable Vaporizers

We’ll keep the list constantly updated. Here they are:

#1 Volcano Vaporizer : Durable, Healthy, Quality

They provide some high-quality products up for grabs. They have two products: Storz and Bickel. The Volcano Classic uses a dial to control temperature.

The best choice is to buy it with an easy valve started kit that includes a filling chamber, an air filter, balloons and a liquid pad

The Volcano Digit uses a set of button for temperature control. With an LED display, you can see the current and target temperatures. The unit also turns off-on itself if it is idle for 30 minutes. It comes with a 3-year warranty. The brand is popular for ease-of-use, affordability and quality that does not disappoint.

#2 Crafty Vaporizer: High Vapor Quality

This is one the simplest to use vaporizers on the market. It is portable, sleek and has a lightweight design. The vapor quality that you get is equally unmatched.

However, the price can be on a higher end. The battery life has also not been able to impress most customers. The heat up time takes longer than other products on the market.

Any who, the product still generates rave reviews when it comes to quality of vapor, smoking experiences and ease of use. One the coolest features is smartphone connectivity. Through Bluetooth, elements of the device like temperature and LED brightness can be controlled.

The device is ideal for beginners and advanced users.

#3 PAX 2 Vaporizer: Sleek Design, High Quality, and Eye-Candy

One of the most popular brands out there, PAX churns out some of the most demanded products in its vaporizers. The PAX 2 is sleek, 87 inches tall, 27 inches wide and 8 inches deep.

It is light and portable at 90 grams and comes with a 90-minute usage based battery life. The oven is stainless steel and, in accordance with the smaller sized unit compared to the original PAX, it’s slightly smaller, although it’s got a deeper oven.

The fancy LED makes the product a highly attractive buy. It grows purple as it warms up and just adds some spice to your smoking experience. When it turns green, you are good to go. Blue means it’s going into standby mode. Shaking it shows the current battery level. That’s awesome.

However, the luxury device requires frequent cleaning and maintenance. You can only charge it through a USB, as there is no wall charging unit included.

The PAX device is best suited for people who want to keep it low key. You want a discreet device, with portability and conduction that provides awesome vapor quality. It easily blends with your environment and can be concealed discreetly.

When you are purchasing portable vaporizers, make sure you keep some quality variables and checklists in mind. These include factors like:

  • High quality of equipment
  • Durability of condensers, ovens and other hardware
  • High quality of produced vapor
  • Verified source of purchase
  • Ease of delivery
  • Warranty and Guarantees
  • Look and Feel

These are some general guidelines. The final purchase decision should solely be yours depending on what kind of personalization you want. There are numerous brands that offer customized designs and decals to make your dream device.

Portable vaporizers are a clean and healthy way of smoking herbs. Therefore, it is excellent that you are considering to buy one. Make an informed purchase and enjoy your smoking experiences.

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