Fox Farm Soil & Fertilizer

A brief on Fox Farm company and their famous products. 

Green is the way our earth speaks. Modern industrial lifestyle has moved us away from nature. However, there are still a lot us who want to our bit passionately, build a vegetable garden, plant some flowers, even some trees maybe.

Sadly, not every one of us is an expert farmer or gardener to provide adequate care to greens. Even if we try and attempt such a feat, we will be doing more harm than good. I say this, because there are a lot of things you have to cake care when maintaining a plantation like soil nutrition, fertilizers, water levels and pest control among others. In the future, we hope they start stocking some CBD oil products for us to enjoy.

Therefore, you need help of expert grade garden products: Enter Fox Farm.

A family business since inception, Fox Farm is a dedicated producer of high quality garden products. With uncompromising quality, awesome customer service and a penchant for making things green, Fox Farm provides products that keep your garden always in the prime of life.

Their soil mixes, soil conditioners, and fertilizers are specially formulated to replenish, lift the human spirit, and beautify the Earth, naturally.


Recent news surfaced where it was made known to the globe that CO2 levels have reached an alarming benchmark of 400 ppm, never to come down again. This calls us people to start doing simple things for mother earth and the only way is to go green.

Fox Farm provides a wide range of gardening resources including:

  • Time Release Fertilizers
  • Soluble Fertilizers
  • Soils and Soil Conditioners
  • Hydroponic Products
  • Liquid Fertilizers
  • Pest Control Products

Fox Farm Products

Here is a look at some of their trademark products.

#1 Marine Cuisine: All Purpose Fertilizer


Marine Cuisine is an all-purpose fertilizer. It essentially is a blend of fine ocean-based ingredients like crab meal, shrimp meal, seabird guano and kelp mixed with low-sodium mineral plat food.

It gives your garden a boost and ensures long-term nutritional release without any roadblocks. You can say that it is like a power bar for your plant and is especially good for lush flowers and delicious fruit.

It provides the essential kick-starting nutrients to the plants and makes sure that long term growth is maintained.

#2 American Pride: Amazing for Roses, Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Marine Cuisine is an all-purpose fertilizer. It essentially is a blend of fine ocean-based ingredients like crab meal, shrimp meal, seabird guano and kelp mixed with low-sodium mineral plat food.

It gives your garden a boost and ensures long-term nutritional release without any roadblocks. You can say that it is like a power bar for your plant and is especially good for lush flowers and delicious fruit.

It provides the essential kick-starting nutrients to the plants and makes sure that long term growth is maintained.

#2 American Pride: Amazing for Roses, Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Another top selling all-purpose fertilizer on Fox Farm is the American Pride. It has a mixture of fast-acting nutrients and minerals and speed up the growth of your garden.

It is laced with slow-release natural food for the soil including earthworm castings, bat guano and cottonseed meal. This helps in keeping the growth momentum balanced and ensures maximum nutrition.

#3 Salamander Soil: Potting Mix

fox farm salamander oil

The soil that you use in your plantation must have excellent water retention. Water is like blood to plants. It ensures transportation of essential nutrients to various parts of the garden and provides primordial circulatory functions.

Salamander Soil is named after the animal itself that has excellent moisturizing properties.  With enhanced water retention, plants get a rich mix of moist life giving properties and grow to their full potential.

It is best suited for rooted cuttings and young plants for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

#4 Bush Doctor: Kelp Me Kelp You: Seaweed Extract

bush doctor

This classically named product is actually an organic seaweed extract. It is derived from Norwegian Kelp or Ascophyllum Nodosum. It consists of a liquid concentrate containing micro nutrients that are excellent for growing fruits, vegetables, lawns, gardens, flowers and hydroponic applications.

You can think of it as essential food for your plants. The extract is rich with growth nutrients and help plants in achieving enriched growth.

#5 Open Sesame: Flowering Formula

open sesame

High quality and earth friendly fertilizers are like whey proteins for plants and flowers. Open Sesame is a high-phosphorous soluble fertilizer. It is engineered to produce amazing blooms and lush gardens.

It provides the ideal levels of nutrition and has minimal salts and other residue buildups. It works at the roots and delivers targeted nutrients to the most important areas. It works well with hydroponic systems, containers and in ordinary soil.

#6 Bush Doctor: Force of Nature: Fungicide

Fungicides and pesticides become a necessity, as you don’t want your beautiful greens to fall prey to lurking insects, pests and rodents. The Force of Nature fungicide is ideal for such kind of protection.

It controls the growth of powdery mildew on many crops like melons, squash, tomatoes, tree crops, grapes, cucumbers and various flowers.

It has been thoroughly tested too! In replicated field and greenhouse trials, the product controlled powdery mildew growth for 7-10 days with only 1% spray solutions. It is applied as foliar spray and is a great way of plant disease management. It is non-toxic for humans and big animals.


Fox Farms Feeding Schedulefox farms feeding schedule

Seedsman Review – Quality Seeds Within Your Budget

Seedsman Reviewed in 2018


Since the legalization of weed in many states, the demand for weeds has dramatically increased. The benefits of using weeds are being recognized and have led to many people making selling weeds their profession. To improve their profits and decrease their costs, many manufacturers are using low-quality seeds to grow the weed that produces weeds that are too dry or too wet and might not get you as high as you would like. Finding good quality weed can be difficult, and you need to look at the right places to find the best weed for yourself.

Instead of purchasing weeds, you can grow your weed using high-quality seeds. Seedsman is one of the leading online store selling quality seeds that will grow into potent weed since 2003. The company offers a wide range of weed seeds that have helped it to gain a good reputation from its customers around the world.

Seedsman Best Variety of Seed Selection

Customers can choose from more than 1,500 different strains of marijuana seeds at any point of time at Seedsman store. Compared to many another marijuana website, they offer more choices of seeds in various categories including different types, height, uses, yield, and more. The price range of also flexible and you can find anything that you want within your budget.

Flexible Payment Option

Seedsman store offers flexible payment options to their customers so that they can pay according to their needs. You can pay in cash (EUR, GBP and USD), online transfer, debit or credit card and also through Bitcoin and Potcoin. All payments are made in a secured manner. The store also offers great discounts on bulk orders to their customers for greater savings.

seedsman bitcoin

Shipment Options

Seedsman offers national and international shipping at low cost. If you order within the UK, you can receive your order within 1 to 3 working days. For international shipping, it can take anything between 5 to 25 days depending on the place where you want to get it shipped. All orders are packed in hermetically sealed bags that extend their storage time to a great extent. If you do not want others to know that you just received weed seeds through the mail, you can opt for stealth where they would conceal the seeds in a different package that would prevent it from being detected.    

Functionality of the Website

Seedsman website is quite easy to use you can search for seeds under different categories easily. You will not to browse for hours to find your choice of seeds and can do so using their specific types. You can also use the search option to help you find any particular strain of weed you are looking for.

Excellent Customer Service

Seedsman has trained and professional customer executives to help their customers with any questions that they might have. The customer service team can be reached by email or by calling them up. All queries are answered within 48 hours.

Final Verdict

Seedsman is one of the most reliable and efficient seeds stores that you can find online. With the best selection of marijuana seeds, you can save time and money by ordering through the website.


Supercloset Review Updated 2018 + Discount Code

Have you wondered why SuperCloset is different? Low-grade systems used by people to grow cannabis indoors have a lot of disadvantages. They pose risks of failure due to pH imbalances, electrical outages or inadequate nutrient mixtures. As a state-of-the-art hydroponic grow system, SuperCloset offers an advantage to all its competitors. Its SuperPonic method is a combination of Top Feed, Aeroponic and Deep Water Culture in the same package.


Supercloset Reviewed In Depth

So how does this marijuana grow system function? An industrial-grade water pump transports the water enriched with essential nutrients to the plant. The pump’s advanced drainage system delivers the ideal amount of water and oxygen the plant needs to grow.

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A Few Unique Features

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

SuperCloset won the Best Overall System Award a few consecutive years.  Its mix of innovative features help the plants grow faster and healthier than ever before. Some of the features that ensure this kind of efficiency include:

  • Internal Circulation Fan. Airflow is the most important element contributing to the normal development of plants grown indoors. SuperCloset comes with a fantastic addition you won’t find in any other marijuana grow system. It is based on an effective Internal Circulation Fan tailored to the height of the plants you’re growing. This handy feature enables users to prevent or reduce mildew and mold problems.
  • Ideal Airflow Circulation. SuperCloset is the sole marijuana grow option featuring a cross-ventilation system. This ensures the proper airflow the plant requires to grow. Each cabinet comes with an internal circulation fan distributing optimal amounts of CO2/air to every plant.
  • SuperPonic Watering Systems. The SuperPonic watering system is the element that gives SuperCloset a competitive advantage. Fully automated and user-friendly, it comes with a wide range of features such as timers and pumps.Some of the cabinets featured by this unique system can grow up to 24 plants reaching 4.5 feet. How is that for setting a new record in the hydroponic industry?
    • Premium Cabinet Quality.When shopping for grow boxes for marijuana, you will appreciate SuperCloset’s elegance, durability and versatility. The system is made of high-density constructed steel.The boxes are light-sealed and fully insulated, and each system comes with a lock and key mechanism. The power coated black design is versatile and tasteful, and can easily find its place in any environment.
    • Net Trellis, Carbon Filters and Adaptable Lights.The adjustable net trellis system enables users to tie their plants down for maximum growth and increased stability. The feature helps with optimal plant spacing.The trellis can be adjusted based on the height of the plants.The industrial-grade air filters are other key assets allowing growers to prevent unwanted odors and purify the air.Last but not least, SuperCloset benefits from quality adaptable lighting. The company behind this system is the only one in the world producing these special 1000, 600, 400, 250 or 150 w HPS lamps. Users can bring the light as closer to the plants to obtain remarkable yields faster than ever before. The system optimizes heat dissipation, contributing to improved photosynthesizes and healthier plants.


Is It Worth It?

SuperCloset gets bonus points for its extraordinary grow features that you cannot find anywhere else or replicate on your own.

It is versatile, low-maintenance and easy to use. It looks like a smart long-term investment and a great pick for anyone looking for quality marijuana indoor growing system kits. As a plus, the DVDs, links and PDFs that accompany the equipment can help anyone become a seasoned grower in no time.