Twisty Glass Blunt Review in 2018

Thinking about buying the twisty glass blunt?

Are you an adventure seeker, or do you smoke blunts with one? Then the Twisty Glass Blunt should already be on your shopping list along with CBD oil. The twisty glass blunt is an all-in-one deal that makes smoking anywhere super easy, even if you’ve got a dog leash, hiking stick or canoe paddle in one hand.

twisty glass blunt review


First of all, the product is a marvel of innovation, design, and craftsmanship. As if the all-gold-everything couldn’t get better, the look of the gold corkscrew twist and elegant glass is going to class up every session you initiate with your new toy. In fact, once you use the Twisty Glass Blunt, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for regular joints or blew your entire paycheck on a complicated vaporizer (especially if it is a unit that regularly breaks down). With this, you always have up to 1.5 grams of your favorite herb ready to toke on. You can also use it to ingest CBD oil, which contains no THC.

One of the stand-out features is that the blunt can be packed way ahead of time and stored discreetly anywhere on your person without breaking or spilling herb. While testing the unit out, we filled it at home, transported it via pocket on a long afternoon hike and then smoked it that evening without a problem. Twisty resisted shattering, unscrewing, and moisture throughout the day and we were able to get a few small sessions out of the 1.5 grams inside. Amazing! The best part was that it contains the scent of marijuana so well that you can’t even detect it on you (though we don’t recommend testing this in an airport or border crossing).

How does it work?

Pack the Twisty Glass Blunt with cannabis—not too packed—and twist the gold screw counter-clockwise into the tube. Light the end and puff, puff, pass. When you’re ready to dip the ash from the blunt, all you have to do is give the coil a clockwise twice, and the ash will get pushed out the other side of the glass tube.

The designers also gave the Twisty Glass Blunt a clever “infini-cherry” which helps avoid having to light the piece before every pull. Continuous tokes mean evenly heated tokes too—no canoeing like those pesky joints or blunts.

With the 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt, you get an economical way to smoke your medical or recreational weed that doesn’t burn up all of the medicinal cannabinoids before you get to inhale them.

What comes in every Twisty Glass Blunt box?

– 1 Twisty Glass
– 1 Microfiber bag
– 1 Cleaning brush
– 2 Rubber caps

Each Twisty Glass Blunt also comes with a premium 2mm thick German-engineered SCHOTT’s glass that is ready to go. The unit is so durable the only thing you can do to ruin is to lose one of the parts. But it is so affordable that you won’t hate yourself if that does happen. If all you want to do is transport your favorite herb to an event or friend’s house, you can also use the glass of the blunt to contain it and cap it off without the gold coil inside. How clever!

Do you use cannabis to treat OCD anxiety? Many people do- often with raw herb or just with CBD oil extract. Then you will love how easy it is to clean this item. All you need is Isopropyl alcohol, the included cleaning brush, and cotton swabs or pads. A small amount of alcohol on the cotton will help wipe all residue from the glass, leaving it completely sanitized, and the brush will take care of the tiny holes in the filter—caregivers who work with medical marijuana patients love this about the Twisty Glass Blunt, and so do we. But even if you aren’t a stickler for cleanliness, the ability to remove all residue from the unit means that the terpenes from the cannabis come through cleaner and tastier.

If you’re looking to move on from conventional joints but don’t want to move to anything electronic, then this is a clean and portable avenue to take. Do you agree with our Twisty Glass Blunt review? Tell us in the comments or tweet at us with your take on the 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt.

Raw Earth Gems – Review + Discount Code 2018

raw earth gems logo

Raw Earth Gems Hand Carved Crystal Pipes

Have you heard about Raw Earth hand-carved crystal pipes? If you are into cannabis and crystals then it’s the right product for you. Gone are the days of using the traditional wood pipe or the standard glass pipe. So what are these crystals pipes?

Crystals and cannabis has both healing properties according to research. This is what a company in Canada have thought about so they decided to create a product that is the combination of these two. It’s definitely an ultimate smoking experience because it’s smooth and all natural way of smoking using hand-carved crystal pipes.

Here are other reasons why using or having hand carved crystal pipes is better than the traditional or glass ones:

  • You can easily fill the pipe
  • You can easily clean it after use
  • It does a great job in diffusing the heat from the bowl to the crystal
  • Great for long smoke sessions
  • It has a fine mesh screen installed
  • The bowl is made from stainless steel
  • It’s classy, beautiful and very unique
  • Made from the best and original crystals


There are now several choices of hand-carved crystal pipes available. They are made from different crystals. But do you know that these stones have different uses and meanings? If you have no idea then here are the different kinds of crystals used in carving and making these smoking pipes to help you decide on what to try out.


Raw Earth Gems has 12 different pipes to choose from.

raw earth gems bamboo pipe

Rose Quartz Pipe

This kind of pipe is made out of rose quartz with a gentle pink color which has emotional, physical and metaphysical healing properties. It releases tension, stress, jealousy, resentment, and anger in our system. It can also heal heart issues and diseases because it releases negative ions from the body.


This kind of gemstone reflects every color in the rainbow which is one of the best sellers when it comes to hand carved crystal pipes. It is well known to be a precious stone because of its calming and relaxing properties and it prevents people from absorbing negative ions from negative people. This stone is also known in helping a person to overcome fear and anger and it helps inspire someone to excel from his/her chosen field.

Lapis Lazuli

This gemstone is one of the most vibrant and sought after crystal all over the world. The color of this stone is a deep celestial blue which is a symbol of honor, spirit, wisdom, truth, and royalty. This kind of stone-free a person from negative thoughts and promotes inner peace. So if you want positive vibes every smoke session then this is the right one for you.

Photo Credit


This stone is widely used as a meditative agent because of its healing powers in solving emotional issues, energy healing, and physical ailments. It is good in treating insomnia and nightmares and in balancing the chakra. When it comes to emotional issues, this stone helps in healing personal losses and grief so one can move on with life.

Green Aventurine

This kind of crystal has lots of healing properties aside from looking beautiful outside. With the healing powers of adventure, it can stimulate digestion by improving metabolism and cholesterol levels. It has anti-inflammatory effects and it heals the heart, lungs, sinuses and even the muscular and urogenital systems. One thing that is great about these pipes is that could also be used for ingesting CBD products.

These are the reasons why many people are now enjoying using hand-carved crystal pipes. They are indeed classy and beautiful and most of all its easy to use and hold. If you want to know more about these kinds of pipes check them online and you will see lots of it made from different crystals with different uses and meanings.


Raw Earth Gems is based out of Vancoover, Canada.

Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights For Growing Cannabis Indoors

n this article, we will talk about how Mars Hydro LED grow lights helps with indoor cannabis gardening. Presenting Mars Hydro review to our readers.

If you are looking to grow your own stash or grow in volume and sell, you have to come to the right spot. The first thing that you need before you can even begin planning a harvest is an LED grow light.

There many versions and specifications available in the market but you have to keep a few things in mind before making a purchase and start using like the power, quality and longevity of equipment.

One of the highest quality grow lights available in the market is the Mars Hydro LED grow lights.

The company has been an innovative leader when it comes to LED grow light manufacturing and has been in business since 2009. They have their own in-house research teams, design teams, development and production departments that continuously test new products more market availability.

Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights Features
Here they are:

Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights

#1 Assured High Quality
They have combined the most valuable plant spectrum and IDS affiliated technology and manufactured some of the most superior lights in the industry.

With their equipment, you can go for maximum performance, superior control, and a huge coverage area. The product range is ideally suited for farmers across all ranges.

Each equipment that they offer comes with a 2-year warranty, which is reassuring and lowers the risk of purchase. The elements used are put through stringent performance tests. Proper development guidelines are followed to ensure a product quality that can match a 2-year warranty.

#2 Cheaper Prices, Outsourced Production
At Mars LED grow lights, you get some of the best prices in the industry as they are sourced from their factory in Shenzhen and are sold without any middlemen including retailers wholesalers and others.

They ensure customer privacy and reduced costs as they have owned warehouses in UK, US, and Australia. There are no additional obligations or additional costs when ordering directly from their website.

#3 CE and RoHS Certified
All the products are CE and RoHS certified, which means that their LED grow lights are certified safe to use. This is good for greenhouse owners who can easily purchase their Mars II lights. This is because they are ETL certified and pass all government inspections.

Some of the other features with Mars Hydro LED grow lights are:

Plain, non-descriptive packaging with no reference to contents in the box.
No suspicious grow instructions on the box.
The invoice mentions the product as normal LED lights to avoid suspicion.
Online transactions are secured with 128-bit code Comodo SSL so that sensitive information is protected from third parties.
To conclude, if you are looking to grow a plantation indoors then Mars Hydro LED grow lights are a worthwhile option. With cheap prices and high quality equipment, you have nothing to lose. Use the 2-year warranty to successfully try out the lights and do share you experience with us.

Before you start using LED grow lights, here are some things to keep in mind:

#1 Location and Power
Even when you are growing a plantation indoors, sufficient light has to reach the plants. Sufficient lighting is essential for healthy growth. You can’t always provide a perfect location for your plants to get the best “natural light” which means you may need to manually step in to make this happen.


#2 High-Quality Parts
This factor makes it essential to go for top manufacturers like Mars Hydro LED grow lights. LED’s come in all types of qualities; it is, therefore, best to find the light that’s best for your operation from a company that you are sure can cater to your needs rather than buying a cheap solution.

The benefit of having LED grow lights is that you can customize the scale of your harvest. You can easily expand or contract the spectrum of the lights to meet the requirements of your plants. The shelf life can be increased and taste can be enhanced too. But for that, you need to be an expert when it comes to correlating growth patterns and light frequencies.

As cannabis enthusiast who likes to grow his or her own stash, you have to make sure that your plants receive essential care and nutrition. You can track this through DLI gadgets. Daylight Integral is the quantity of light delivered across 24 hours. The amount required depends on the kind of strain or species that you cultivate.

Get a kick-ass LED grow light. If you get it the Mars Hydro LED grow lights, let us know how your experience was!

Illadelph Bongs and Glassware Review + Discount Code 2018

Illadelph Bongs and Glassware Review

Bongs and water pipes are statistically some of the safest ways to smoke your favorite strains. Illadelph has been a leading producer of aesthetically pleasing smoking devices like bongs since 2002.

It has been churning out stellar designs with hand-blow art and by keeping functionality and aesthetics at the center.

They have very scientific glass pipes, bongs and accessories made right from scratch at their research labs. There pricing might place them as high-end but their functionality and product longevity makes it worthwhile.

Illadelph is especially known for glassware like Bongs, percolators, coil condensers and up-stem ash catchers.

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, each Illadelph package comes with high quality decals, branded plastic keck clips and a printed box. They have their own online store and partners with vendors like Smoke Cartel. This makes their products easily available across the United States.


Illadelph Information and Difference

Bringing New Technology into Play

Over the years, Illadelph has introduced new effective technologies in the glass community. Concepts like Up-stem Ash CatchersPyramid Percs and Coil Condensers are just some of the ideas it has single-handedly launched and promoted.

They are one of the best when it comes to producing custom and high quality glass works.

Illadelph product features that are hard to resist:

Advanced Percolation for Maximum Filtration

Percolation can be perceived as diffusion of smoke through multiple slits submerged underwater.  Higher the number of exit points, lower the bubble size. This allows more surface area of the smoke to encounter water and hence, you get purely filtered smoke.

Illadelph water pipes and bongs utilize percolation with products ranging from eight to ninety-nine holes or slits in their design.

Harmful Chemical Filtration

One of the major concerns with active smokers is the tar content that goes into the lungs. Bongs allow added filtration, which lowers tar content. Illadelph uses simple science to make sure that such elements are properly flushed out of your smoking experience.

This process eliminates all particulate and reduces the temperature of the smoke to further prevent irritation.

Freezable Gel improves functionality of Coils

Illadelph coils contain a trademark gel to allow easy detachment and efficient storage. It was the first company to introduce the coil condenser in the pipe industry and has continued their manufacturing since the first year of business. Coils are now available in single, double, triple, and quad designs.

Experience no splash-backs with the Up-stem Ash Catcher

The up-stem system forces smoke to travel upward and around the flared top. This way there is no chance that the water will travel from the catcher back into the body of the pipe.

 Receive Medicinal and Recreational Herb Benefits

As we discussed earlier, vaporization is the most effective way to smoke pot. With Volcano Vaporizer Bagsyou will only inhale the medicinal and recreational bliss that you want.

There are many other features that make Illadelph an attractive choice for weed enthusiasts. They have a lot of cool merchandise to personalize your experience. They also indulge independent artists to design custom made smoking ware for their customers.

Therefore, as an avid pothead myself, I suggest that you try them once. They give great value for money and their stuff is pleasing to eyes, easy on the lungs and maximum on the experience!

However, make sure that you are getting Illadelph products from a verifiable source. Due to their huge popularity, there are numerous counterfeits in the market.

Want Authentic Illadelph Glassware? Key Elements to Remember

They are:

 Professional Print Box Design

Illadelph provides clearly printed, durable cardboard box packages that are sturdy and durable. Counterfeits will have fragile packaging.

 Blueprinted Die Cut Foam

The foam insert in every Illadelph glass box has blueprinted specs that are designed to protect and wrap their products adequately. Boxes containing tubes will have cutouts for slides, grinders and down stems. Ash catchers will have areas designated for removable percs only.

 Aesthetic High Quality Decals

It is easy to differentiate between a superior and inferior quality of borosilicate glass. The thickness, consistency and transparency should be perfectly well balanced. All logos are represented by vivid color and detail, with no imperfections. Counterfeits generally have stretched or distorted logo portrayal, out of print designs, or logos that are pale or chipped.

 High Quality Craftsmanship

Illadelph lays critical focus on craftsmanship and inherent aesthetic qualities associated with its products. When assessing the product look for seamless joints (All-American Glass Ground Joints), which make the structure durable and strong.

In conclusion, a healthy smoking experience involves use of equipment that provides high level filtration without compromising on medicinal and recreational elements. These Illadelph bongs and glassware do not disappoint in this endeavor

Toker Poker Review + Discount Code 2018

Toker Poker Review 2018

They are based out of Australia and the owner Matt was nice enough to send me 5 of them to check out

and review.

The Toker Pocker is basically a lighter sleeve with 3 main features.

  1. it has a stainless steel tamper at the end that you can use to pat down your dry herb with.
  2. Stainless steel poker to move your bud around to make sure its even and burns better. I also use it to clean out my bowl.
  3. You can wrap a hemp wick around it which is great for us healthy smokers.

You can pick one up from Vape Sumo for $10 or you can enter to win a FREE one by following @weed sumo on instagram and tagging 3 friends on the last post and putting toker poker at the end.

PS. There is a glow in the dark one available 🙂

Shine Papers 24 Karat Gold Review 2018

Shine Papers Review + Smoke Session

So I saw these S gold rolling papers on Instagram the other day and I thought to myself that it was pretty cool so I went online and found out a company Shine Papers makes them.

Shine Papers is based out of Las Vegas and aside from their gold rolling papers, they have other cool products like the green hand woven.

Shine Papers Discount Code 2018

If you want to get a 10 percent discount code all you have to do is follow me on instagram @weedsumo

-comment on the last photo

Now, obviously I don’t need to tell you that these are not cheap by any means but should be used for a special occasion or if you are rich on every ocassion 🙂

You can pick some up at the Vape Sumo store.


Wide Selection Of Products

You can see all of their products and best price on this website.

Whiz Khalifa is one of the ownes of shine papers and they have really taken off in mainsteam.


We do weekly giveaways of grinders, shine papers, and other cool stuff over at our instagram  @ WeedSumo account so make sure to follow us there!

Black Dog LED Grow Lights Review – Are they worth your money in 2018?

Black Dog LED Grow Lights Review

For weed enthusiasts who are looking to grow cannabis indoors and don’t know what an LED grow light is or which one to buy, this is the right place.

A grow light, often called a plant light is nothing but an artificial light source. It is an electric light, engineered to stimulate growth in plants. It does this by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum that boosts photosynthesis.

Such kind of technology is highly helpful for cannabis growers who need privacy. We understand that the act, however natural, is frowned upon at many places.

Therefore, alternative solutions like Black Dog LED grow lights and Mars Hydro LED grow lights allow us to carry out our needs safely.

LED grow lights are ideal for private indoor farming including Cannabis.

In conditions where natural light is difficult to access, these supplemental equipment help a lot in growing decently sized plantations.

There are many reasons you should consider Black Dog LED grow lights for indoor cannabis plantations. These lights have proven results when it comes to boosting yields and have unmatched hardware quality.

LED lights are also cost effective and provide savings when compared to other methods like HID lighting. Lower wattage and reduced cooling loads also help in bringing the overall costs down. Additional advantages of LED are even further reaching such as not introducing mercury into the environment every time a bulb is changed.

You must be wondering about the high initial cost associated with Black Dog LED grow lights compared to other traditional equipment available online.

This is because the long-term value associated with better yields and reduced overheads makes the Black Dog lights more valuable. This along with in-house research, inclusion of specialized spectrum and top quality components with long running lives is an attractive proposition for any cannabis plantation owner or enthusiast.

Black Dog LED Phytomax 2

The Phytomax 2 is one of their most popular models and it comes in 200, 400, 600, and 1000 watts.

Here are the technical specs:

  • All Highest-Quality, High-Efficiency 5-watt LEDs
    • Every top-bin LED is selected from the industry leader for its particular wavelength, including Cree, Osram, etc.
    • Glass primary lenses ensure durability and cleanability while maximizing efficiency
    • High light intensity and energetic spectrum, crucial for canopy penetration to nourish lower leaves and flowers
    • Even, edge-to-edge coverage eliminates leaf burn and hot spots
  • Commercial Grade
    • ETL certified to UL safety standards
    • The best active heat management in the industry, crucial to maximizing LED life, efficiency and spectrum stability
    • Largest heat sink among LED grow lights for superior cooling and increased LED life
    • Ultra-efficient, long-life fans: 70,000+ hour rated lifespan
  • Made in the U.S.A
    • Designed and built in Colorado
  • Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™
    • The most efficient spectrum for growing plants based on over 6 years of research and testing, outperforming HPS, MH, CMH, Induction and Fluorescent in equal wattage tests
    • One ideal spectrum for both Veg and Flowering stages
      • Does not stall plant growth like switching from MH to HPS does
      • Eliminates the need for separate vegetative and flowering lights
    • Decreases internodal spacing to encourage flower and leaf growth, rather than stems
  • Beyond PAR™ – UV and IR LEDs
    • UV light maximizes trichome production and makes plants more resistant to pests and diseases
    • Our UV LEDs are laboratory proven to produce higher potency/active compounds (THC, CBD, terpenes, antioxidants/vitamins and flavonoids)
    • IR light increases photosynthetic efficiency (Emerson Effect)Content Credit: Black Dog LED

Black Dog LED Grow Lights and Associated Yields

Maximized yield is one of the prime variables put into product research by the guys at Black Dog. They combine high power with their proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum.


By far, this is the closest spectrum that is perfect for high yield growth.

Their loyal customers have verified the performance of these lights. Take the Heavy T Grow Show for instance.  They came up with a challenge for LED companies to provide lights for a head-to-head test against traditional HID lighting.

Black Dog entered the competition with its BD700-F Grow Light. After 3 months and multiple on-air updates, the final results came in from the expert grower. The Black Dog LED grow light won the challenge by producing 5% more yield, while using much less power.


The 5 % Yield Means Maximized Savings

Additional profits on increased yields are pure profit with no associated costs. LED lights such as these require no additional work and in fact, decrease overall energy costs.

With the increased yields, the cost gap between the LED setup and the HID setup is paid back in less than 10 months.

You can do some simple math here yourself:

  • Cost of setting up Black Dog LED Platinum XL: USD 1799
  • Cost of setting up 1000w HID: USD 900
  • Approximate Cost Difference: USD 900

Assuming that your profits amount to a meager $240 a week.

  • Profits accumulated over 10 months (40 weeks): USD 960

There, your cost difference is automatically offset in real time with the cost benefits associated with LED Grow Lights!

Quality Quotients Associated with Black Dog LED Grow Lights

Quality of equipment is highly important when purchasing a LED grow light. You don’t want to enter deals that are very cheap but will end you up with substandard bulbs that go off within months.

Quality is a matter of perception and that can only be estimated through solid research. Therefore, analyze every aspect of the product you wish to buy.

On one hand, an increased yield provides added profit while on the other hand high quality equipment ensures longevity and reduces overheads related to maintenance and repair.

The Proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum is a key component when it comes to guaranteeing high quality. It boosts the production of terpenoids. These elements are responsible for instigating the traditional aromas and flavors associated with different plants, even cannabis.

Black Dog LED grow lights offer high quality equipment powered by their in house optical-cum-electrical technology that boosts yields and adds a highly attractive quality quotient to your plantations.

With such kind of intelligent artificial lighting, you have a greater scope of successful harvests, hybridization and amazing quality of produce. If you want to take your indoor cannabis plantations to the next level, I guess you should give the Black Dog LED grow lights  a try.

LED Grow Lights Guide

If you want to learn more about LED grow lights you can read our LED Buyers Guide right here.