Sploof – Easy Way To Conceal The Smell of Marijuana

Sploof:  An Easy Way To Conceal The Smell Of Marijuana

What the heck is a sploof? Have you ever smoked a joint in an inappropriate place? If that happened then you know how embarrassing it can be when everyone can smell the joint you just smoked.

The scent of weed is pretty strong and it spreads fast, especially when the weather is warm. Worry not, because there are ways to overcome this issue.

A sploof is exactly the thing that you are thinking about. It is rather easy to make it, although it is probably not the best idea to have it with you at all times.

Let’s explore all of the pros and cons for this fun little gadget.

How Many Kinds Of Sploofs Are There?

how to make a sploof

A sploof can be any kind of smoke concealer, but usually, when someone is talking about them, they have in mind one of the two basic kinds.

A plastic bottle sploof is more or less what its name suggests. It is a top of an ordinary plastic bottle with a lot of tissue in it.

The second kind  is easier to build, but its looks are equally ridiculous. You can make them almost effortlessly and with a minimum investment of time and money.

DIY or how to make a smoke concealer

Making your own sploof is much easier than any of us thought.  You need only a few things that you already have in your household.

In order to make a plastic bottle sploof you need a plastic bottle and some paper towels, a pair of scissors and some tape or a rubber band.

After you finished cutting the bottle, use the paper towels to close the bottom, and then secure it with a piece of tape or a rubber band.

The process of making a paper towel sploof is even easier. All you need is a paper towel roll and a dryer sheet to close one end of the roll, and you are all set.

If you ended up with something looking like this, you’ve done the job correctly, but you could spend more time decorating it.

Lower Your Expectations

The idea of a sploof is to release the smoke directly into the tube, that way the smoke goes through the dryer sheet, which in turn should eliminate the smell of marijuana smoke.

Some people even hold the joint inside the roll, so all of the smoke goes through a paper towel. Expecting 100% efficiency might be a bit too optimistic. Sploofs are useful if you really want to smoke a joint and you need a quick solution for the scent, but if you constantly use them they might even become harmful.

The Dangers Of Inhaling Smoke Through Paper Towels

A study conducted by the professor at Washington State university proved that scented laundry products use chemicals that are poisonous to humans if inhaled. That is the reason why homemade smoke concealers are not a good idea on a long run.

Using them in public isn’t the best idea. Besides being obvious what you are doing, your friends might find it a bit odd that you are carrying a funny looking thing around, just to hide the scent of cannabis.

If you care about using cannabis properly, use vaporizers. They do not emit the smoke and are most beneficial for the user. Gadgets like sploofs are fun to toy around with but when it comes to their efficiency you are better off without them.

Watch this video tutorial and learn how to make a sploof:

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