Thick Ass Glass 2019 Review


Talk about a smoker’s paradise and Thick Ass Glass will make it worth your while. I just came across the website and it has some amazing products.

Over time, Thick Ass Glass has become a quality supplier of smoking products basing its accessories and appliances around borosilicate glass. This glass contains silica along with boron trioxide that gives it very low coefficient of thermal expansion.

This makes the final products resistant to thermal shocks like instant heating or cooling. This type of glass is used commonly for construction of lab equipment, reagent bottles and yes smoking devices!

2019 UPDATE:  My new favorite place to get dope glass pieces is Dank Stop.


Thick Ass Glass offers a monstrous collection of products.

Name it and you will find it. Some of the offerings on TAG include adapters, ash catchers, glass rods, bubblers, oil rigs and down stems among many others.

All products are certified high quality and the responses can be seen in the numerous testimonials they have bagged over time.


Let’s discuss more details about TAG after looking through some of their featured products.

#1 Tag – 7″ Klein incycler – made with us-33 Boro & Schott Boro


This bad boy INCYCLER weights just 0.575lbs (260g) and is seven inches in height. It comes with a joint size of 14 millimeters and mouth piece that’s 13 millimeters wide.

The male version of the device comes with a glass dome and nail whereas female versions carry a glass slide.

#2 Showerhead ash catcher with water recycler 18mm


If you are into water pipes then having ash catchers is a must. TAG has a wide range of ash catchers including this awesome showerhead version that is 5.5 inches in height and 5 millimeters thick. It comes with a showerhead with 14 different slits of diffusion. How about that?

#3 Tag – 9.5″ bent neck double honeycomb with spinning splashguard – 14mm female



The awesome glass bubbler has dual honeycomb percolators, a 90 degree fixed downstem, and a bent neck mouthpiece. The dual honeycomb perc make for excellent diffusion and filtration, while the bent neck mouthpiece design keeps water from splashing up into your mouth.

Made out of heavy scientific glass, it is available with black or clear honeycomb discs.

#4 Tag – 10″ Klein – us-33 Boro & Schott Boro


This awesome device is 10 inches in height, and is perfect for an immersive experience. You also get a glass side for the female version and glass dome and nail for the male one.

The incycler packs unique design elements that enable functionality. The recycler dab rig acts as an incycler as the main chamber also holds the recycling chamber.

The main chamber has a shower head percolator that calls for amazing filtration and diffusion. Vapor travels from the 14 mm male joint to the main chamber where it passes through the shower head percolator. From there, smoke and water travel through the separation tubes to the elongated cylinder-shaped recycling chamber, which has a small hole to add extra diffusion.

The water and the vapor move in a loop, circling between the two chambers and passing through the shower head perc multiple times before exiting through the mouthpiece. The bent neck mouthpiece acts as a splash guard to stop any water from leaving the vapor rig.

However, you must note that glass nails will break soon. You should go for quart or titanium nails if you want them to last longer.

How is the Customer Experience at Thick Ass Glass?

TAG generally ships orders within 1-2 business days. Orders are shipped daily starting 8 am. Orders that are placed after 8 AM each day get delivered the next day. However, they may sometimes get delivered on the same day or get further delayed with inventory fluctuations.

If you receive a damaged product, you can email pictures to [email protected] and claim a full refund. To make sure that you have received the right stuff, check for the trademark brown box packing with red fragile tape. They boxes are always marked “ from shipping department�?.

There is no additional cost involved if there is any issue with the order. The guys at TAG take full responsibility and fix the error ASAP.

However, if you accidentally make the wrong purchase then you will have to bear the cost of sending the merchandise back! There is a 7-day money back guarantee in case of faulty deliverable but proper communication must be established.

TAG uses anti-fraud services like Riskified, which monitors ALL orders and helps detect fraud. If for any reason your order shows up as fraudulent then they will completely cancel the order and refund the money. You will need to place a new order with more accurate information.

For Customers

Once you’ve got your Thick Ass Glass order safe at home with you, you’re going to want to care for the pieces as best as you can to ensure their longevity.

To do this, we introduce our Quick and Dirty Tips for Glass Care. It’s a primer of best practices that have been taken from online head shops and tried and tested right here.


Cleaning The Nail

The easiest part of the rig to clean is the nail but it can be difficult to remove, and glass nails break easily. Rigs tend to expand into the nail eventually creating a tight seal, but you can just heat the nail at the base and twist the nail loose using small tongs. Heat lightly to liquefy any offending resin and wipe it clean with a cotton swab. Place titanium nails until glowing red which will carbonize any residue and allow it to flake off.


Cleaning The Rig

Acetone and Isopropyl Alcohol are your best friends when it comes to cleaning a rig. Acetone is nail polish remover and works almost instantaneously, but it has a pungent smell and should not go down the drain. Isopropyl alcohol can be as pure as 91% from the drug store. Simply pour your chosen solvent into your rig, shake and wait. Reach around corners with a bent cotton swab. Isopropyl should be good enough to do the job, but acetone is necessary if you’ve been neglectful. Let the solvent evaporate and rinse with water until you don’t notice aromatic traces of the solvent.


Keep It Clean

Change the water every time you use your rig and don’t let it go for so long that it builds up grime. When in doubt, call the online head shop from whence it came.

Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights For Growing Cannabis Indoors

n this article, we will talk about how Mars Hydro LED grow lights helps with indoor cannabis gardening. Presenting Mars Hydro review to our readers.

If you are looking to grow your own stash or grow in volume and sell, you have to come to the right spot. The first thing that you need before you can even begin planning a harvest is an LED grow light.

There many versions and specifications available in the market but you have to keep a few things in mind before making a purchase and start using like the power, quality and longevity of equipment.

One of the highest quality grow lights available in the market is the Mars Hydro LED grow lights.

The company has been an innovative leader when it comes to LED grow light manufacturing and has been in business since 2009. They have their own in-house research teams, design teams, development and production departments that continuously test new products more market availability.

Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights Features
Here they are:

Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights

#1 Assured High Quality
They have combined the most valuable plant spectrum and IDS affiliated technology and manufactured some of the most superior lights in the industry.

With their equipment, you can go for maximum performance, superior control, and a huge coverage area. The product range is ideally suited for farmers across all ranges.

Each equipment that they offer comes with a 2-year warranty, which is reassuring and lowers the risk of purchase. The elements used are put through stringent performance tests. Proper development guidelines are followed to ensure a product quality that can match a 2-year warranty.

#2 Cheaper Prices, Outsourced Production
At Mars LED grow lights, you get some of the best prices in the industry as they are sourced from their factory in Shenzhen and are sold without any middlemen including retailers wholesalers and others.

They ensure customer privacy and reduced costs as they have owned warehouses in UK, US, and Australia. There are no additional obligations or additional costs when ordering directly from their website.

#3 CE and RoHS Certified
All the products are CE and RoHS certified, which means that their LED grow lights are certified safe to use. This is good for greenhouse owners who can easily purchase their Mars II lights. This is because they are ETL certified and pass all government inspections.

Some of the other features with Mars Hydro LED grow lights are:

Plain, non-descriptive packaging with no reference to contents in the box.
No suspicious grow instructions on the box.
The invoice mentions the product as normal LED lights to avoid suspicion.
Online transactions are secured with 128-bit code Comodo SSL so that sensitive information is protected from third parties.
To conclude, if you are looking to grow a plantation indoors then Mars Hydro LED grow lights are a worthwhile option. With cheap prices and high quality equipment, you have nothing to lose. Use the 2-year warranty to successfully try out the lights and do share you experience with us.

Before you start using LED grow lights, here are some things to keep in mind:

#1 Location and Power
Even when you are growing a plantation indoors, sufficient light has to reach the plants. Sufficient lighting is essential for healthy growth. You can’t always provide a perfect location for your plants to get the best “natural light” which means you may need to manually step in to make this happen.


#2 High-Quality Parts
This factor makes it essential to go for top manufacturers like Mars Hydro LED grow lights. LED’s come in all types of qualities; it is, therefore, best to find the light that’s best for your operation from a company that you are sure can cater to your needs rather than buying a cheap solution.

The benefit of having LED grow lights is that you can customize the scale of your harvest. You can easily expand or contract the spectrum of the lights to meet the requirements of your plants. The shelf life can be increased and taste can be enhanced too. But for that, you need to be an expert when it comes to correlating growth patterns and light frequencies.

As cannabis enthusiast who likes to grow his or her own stash, you have to make sure that your plants receive essential care and nutrition. You can track this through DLI gadgets. Daylight Integral is the quantity of light delivered across 24 hours. The amount required depends on the kind of strain or species that you cultivate.

Get a kick-ass LED grow light. If you get it the Mars Hydro LED grow lights, let us know how your experience was!

Supercloset Review Updated 2018 + Discount Code

Have you wondered why SuperCloset is different? Low-grade systems used by people to grow cannabis indoors have a lot of disadvantages. They pose risks of failure due to pH imbalances, electrical outages or inadequate nutrient mixtures. As a state-of-the-art hydroponic grow system, SuperCloset offers an advantage to all its competitors. Its SuperPonic method is a combination of Top Feed, Aeroponic and Deep Water Culture in the same package.


Supercloset Reviewed In Depth

So how does this marijuana grow system function? An industrial-grade water pump transports the water enriched with essential nutrients to the plant. The pump’s advanced drainage system delivers the ideal amount of water and oxygen the plant needs to grow.

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A Few Unique Features

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

SuperCloset won the Best Overall System Award a few consecutive years.  Its mix of innovative features help the plants grow faster and healthier than ever before. Some of the features that ensure this kind of efficiency include:

  • Internal Circulation Fan. Airflow is the most important element contributing to the normal development of plants grown indoors. SuperCloset comes with a fantastic addition you won’t find in any other marijuana grow system. It is based on an effective Internal Circulation Fan tailored to the height of the plants you’re growing. This handy feature enables users to prevent or reduce mildew and mold problems.
  • Ideal Airflow Circulation. SuperCloset is the sole marijuana grow option featuring a cross-ventilation system. This ensures the proper airflow the plant requires to grow. Each cabinet comes with an internal circulation fan distributing optimal amounts of CO2/air to every plant.
  • SuperPonic Watering Systems. The SuperPonic watering system is the element that gives SuperCloset a competitive advantage. Fully automated and user-friendly, it comes with a wide range of features such as timers and pumps.Some of the cabinets featured by this unique system can grow up to 24 plants reaching 4.5 feet. How is that for setting a new record in the hydroponic industry?
    • Premium Cabinet Quality.When shopping for grow boxes for marijuana, you will appreciate SuperCloset’s elegance, durability and versatility. The system is made of high-density constructed steel.The boxes are light-sealed and fully insulated, and each system comes with a lock and key mechanism. The power coated black design is versatile and tasteful, and can easily find its place in any environment.
    • Net Trellis, Carbon Filters and Adaptable Lights.The adjustable net trellis system enables users to tie their plants down for maximum growth and increased stability. The feature helps with optimal plant spacing.The trellis can be adjusted based on the height of the plants.The industrial-grade air filters are other key assets allowing growers to prevent unwanted odors and purify the air.Last but not least, SuperCloset benefits from quality adaptable lighting. The company behind this system is the only one in the world producing these special 1000, 600, 400, 250 or 150 w HPS lamps. Users can bring the light as closer to the plants to obtain remarkable yields faster than ever before. The system optimizes heat dissipation, contributing to improved photosynthesizes and healthier plants.


Is It Worth It?

SuperCloset gets bonus points for its extraordinary grow features that you cannot find anywhere else or replicate on your own.

It is versatile, low-maintenance and easy to use. It looks like a smart long-term investment and a great pick for anyone looking for quality marijuana indoor growing system kits. As a plus, the DVDs, links and PDFs that accompany the equipment can help anyone become a seasoned grower in no time.