[2017] Crafty Vaporizer Review Updated + Giveaway

If you’re looking for a crafty vaporizer review, look no more:

The Crafty vaporizer is a portable handheld vaporizer made by the German company Storz and Bickel.  The company has manufactured several other marijuana vaporizers with success, such as the Volcano desktop vaporizer, and the Plenty plug-in vaporizer.


  • Crafty vaporizer is easy to use
  • It is portable, with its sleek and lightweight design
  • The vapor quality is higher than most other products
  • The consistency of the product is awesome
  • You have the ability to control the temperature via smartphone!

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  • Price range is higher compared to other portable vaporizers
  • Battery life is short
  • The warranty of the product
  • The heat up time takes longer than other products on the market

Out of all the vaporizers I have tried before the Crafty vaporizer really blew my mind! Overall I think it is the best portable vaporizer based on the vapor quality, portability, design, looks, and ease of use.  If you’re a beginner in the vaping world, this product is right for you.

The Crafty vaporizer will cost you about $339 and you can buy it online on this site: Vape Sumo.




Smartphone Friendly

One of the cool features of this product is that it can be controlled via smartphone (Android or Apple). The app connects through Bluetooth. The app allows you to control the temperature selections and adjust the LED brightness of the device. The app will send notifications to your phone and comes with other information such as total hours of operation. You will also find information about other vaping products and temperatures they should be used at.

Heating Component and Temperature Options

The Crafty vaporizer allows users to choose from two different temperature settings. There is the “default” temperature, which is 356F (180 Celsius) and if you require a higher temperature there is a “boost” option which is 383F (195 Celsius).  The Crafty vaporizer takes roughly 2-3 minutes to heat up and will vibrate when finished heating. This allows users to know when heating has peaked and can help to avoid forgetting the heating process.

Size, Mobility and Quality

The dimensions of the Crafty vaporizer are 4.3 inches tall by 2.2 inches wide by 1.3 inches deep.  Surprisingly it only weighs 4.8 ounces, which is about 136 grams. The product feels very well made and fits nicely in your hand and the grooves on the outside give it a better grip. The mouthpiece is completely external but the cool thing about it is that it twists out to use and back in when you aren’t using it. When it’s twisted back into place it gives it a sleek and compact look.

 Battery Life and Charging

It takes about 2 hours for the battery to go from completely drained to full charge. Once the battery if fully charged users could expect about 45 minutes to an hour of usage.  The good thing about this product is that it has pass-through charging, which mean that you can turn it on and use it while it’s plugged in and charging.  On the downside if you allow your vaporizer to drain completely, you will have to wait until it is at about 20% battery to turn it on and use it.

Chamber Size and Usage

The Crafty vaporizer has a capacity of about 0.2- 0.3g depending on how fine you grind. Although I urge you to remember that if you over pack the chamber, it will increase the draw resistance. No matter how you pack the Crafty vaporizer, loose, tight, low, full, it will always give the same result. The product comes with this nifty little filling tool that attaches to the top of the chamber so that the chamber is packed neatly every time.


The Crafty vaporizer only comes with a 2-year warranty, compared to other vaporizers, which usually come with a warranty of 5-10 years.  Although this isn’t a very long warranty the company Storz and Bickel have a very good track record for creating quality products. The 2-year warranty does cover defects in the material and craftsmanship of the product.

Overall Thoughts

Wether you’re a beginner or a more frequent/ advanced user you should definitely get yourself the Crafty vaporizer! The product is easy, well-made, has excellent vapor quality, and its sleek design fits right in your hand and your pocket. With its Bluetooth/ smartphone technology and 2-year warranty, you would be crazy not to get your hand on one of these! You can get your Crafty Vaporizer here.

Where To Buy:

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Kelly January 20, 2017 at 12:57 pm

I have (what might be a stupid) question – are these vaporisers interchangeable between marijuana and nicotine? Or are the vaporisers completely different? I know you’ve referred to it as just a marijuana vaporiser so I’m just curious to know whether it is only to be used for that purpose. Hope my question makes sense, and sorry if it sounds a bit silly. Thanks.


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