How To Buy Weed Online Without Being in Legal Trouble in 2018

Trust me! You need to be very careful when trying to buy weed online. Not everyone out there is as nice as you think. There are numerous legal guidelines and rules regarding cannabis trade.

One wrong move can make the threat of being behind bars for innocent causes very real. However, with the legalization of weed in states like Colorado and Washington, more civilized, verified and authentic ways of getting weed are coming to surface.

But what to do when you live in areas where legalization to buy weed online is still far away?

Well, we all know how to hustle and find the shady corners around the block where you can get some dope.

But, there are safer online alternatives if you are careful enough.

Buy Weed Online in Virtual Black Markets

Not long ago, platforms like Atlantis and Silk Road used to be front runners in distributing weed through hidden online channels. But, after closures and FBI seizures, the black market has taken a hit.

However, it turns out that sellers are braver and smarter. Silk Road 2.0 is up and running with advanced decentralized encryption. Black Market Reloaded has been around longest at this point and both use an escrow checkout feature “finalize” which is essential to cutting out government-run “honey pot” vendors.

Here is how you can get weed from virtual black markets:

  1. Download and run Tor browser (complete privacy)
  2. Next, you need to have some Bitcoin. They may have been removed as an authorized currency but are still hot in virtual black markets and legally accepted.
  3. Buy some bitcoin. Coinbase is an ideal option for this.
  4. Search for Black Market Reloaded or Silk Road 2.0.

These sites run highly encrypted security protocols. For instance, you need a password and PIN for Silk Road every time you make a purchase.

Please note that Sheep Marketplace was recently hacked and ransacked. Black Market Reloaded and Agora are both still running. Proceed at your own risk as it is still illegal to buy weed online in most regions.

What are the chances to buy weed online safely?

For each person who gets weed safely online there are multiple people who get tricked or fooled by quacks and hackers. Many a times, they get exposed and get legally arrested.

Therefore, you need to be extremely cautious and vet your sources.

Getting Medical Marijuana Online

Medicinal Marijuana is easily available on many top-notch government authorized websites but people often get tricked by getting into the wrong portals.

Some sites claiming to sell legal cannabis have been scams. You should also be aware that it’s still possible to be arrested for purchasing marijuana due to federal law, even in states that have legalized it, especially if you do not have proper licensing, according to state laws.

You should learn your states’ laws about such activities and make yourself aware so that you can make an informed decision.

Here are some sites that legally sell medicinal Marijuana:

#1 Harborside Health Center in Oakland, CA

  • Free Delivery across San Francisco Bay Area
  • Payments only through cash, money orders and cashier’s checks
  • Sells flowers, concentrates, edibles, topical, seeds and more

#2 Speed Weed in Los Angeles, CA

  • Serves Los Angeles and Orange County
  • Flowers, edibles, hash, wax, concentrates and cannabis products
  • Requires membership to order online

#3 Crown Collective in Forestville, CA

  • Member of ASA and CANORML
  • Payment made through donations for patients with transport needs.
  • Granddaddy Purple, Blackberry Kush, Super Lemon Haze and Cherry AK wax strains available

#4 Weed Store USA in Atlanta, GA

  • One of the biggest smoke shops in the world
  • 100% natural buds along with vaporizers
  • Strains include Big Bud, Mr. Nice, Blackberry Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Hawaiian Indica, Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Herer.

The situation is ideal for people in these states to buy weed online. After legalization, selling laws have been relaxed resulting in such benefits. However, for other states and people globally, buying weed online is generally not that easy.

Many countries like Canada who have completely legalized recreational marijuana, dynamic online platforms that offer high quality products are coming up.

Take GanjaExpress, for instance. It offers very high quality of strains at affordable prices.


Places, where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes such as Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia, should be on your radar for resources to check in the future.

Before you buy weed online, websites need to be checked for trust level with a site such as It allows you to verify and authenticate your sources.