Best Portable Vaporizers For Regular Weed (Updated For 2018)

The best vaporizers for most people are those you can carry in your pocket.

Many people do not realize the value in having a piece that you can carry with you anywhere.

There are many reasons that these are so much better than purchasing a stand-alone piece that is large, requires a lot of electricity, cannot be taken on a trip or over to a buddy’s house, and is big and heavy taking up a lot of space in your house.

Also bigger vaporizers generally require more replacement parts and cartridges and are just generally a know go in general.

The exception to this is if you really like vaping and want to have both a portable and one at home, like a volcano, for a real quality vape, in our opinion.

But if you can only have one you should definitely get a portable one you can carry anywhere.

Before vaping, we encourage you to research whether or not it is right for you.

Be sure to check out Is Vaping Safe? The Differences Between Vaping vs. Smoking Cannabis for more info on this.

Here we have outlined the top vaporizers for dry weed in 2018:

The Airvape – $169.00 (When On Sale)


The design of the Airvape is great in a ton of different ways.

They have a great durable case with multiple different options.

It heats up fast but yet doesn’t generally burn the herb any worse than other pieces.

It is also very lightweight and can fit in your pocket, with precise settings for the heating.

You can get it on sale for $169.

Get it here – AirVape XS Vaporizer

The Firefly 2 – $330


The Firefly 2 is a great vaporizer if you are willing to spend a little bit more money.

In our opinion, a quality vaporizer is never a waste of money since you are not hurting your lungs like you are with smoking.

This investment will feed into your health and make your body much better than if you were just smoking joints constantly.

The Firefly 2 has a lot of touch controls and has many different settings giving one of the most precise user experiences out there.

It will not mess up the flavor of your herb and will preserve a lot of the THC, CBD, and terpene concentrations found in your marijuana.

These things all make the Firefly brand great for a smooth, tasty experience.

You can get it for $329 and some change here – Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Our Final Verdict

If you have a lot of money, definitely pick up the Firefly 2 for the best vaping experience.

If you are looking to save a few bucks, however, check out the AirVape XS for a good experience on a budget.

All in all, whatever vaporizer you decide to go with will not fail you, since you will be saving your lungs and aiding your health a lot.


In the post I’m going to be talking about Storz and Bickel are the famous manufacturers of the volcano vaporizer crafty vaporizer mighty vaporizer and plenty vaporizer it was founded in 1996 by Marcus stores that are based out of Germany.

He follows the pattern for the volcano inhaler 1998 and then it 2000 another passion for hot air extraction inhalers.

So as increased popularity in December 2002 stores in brickle was created by Marcus stores and George in brickle they opened up offices in Tuttlingen, Germany  and they also started a location in Oakland California to be able to service American customers.

Storz and Bickel is the company behind the famous volcano classic vaporizer and the new volcano digit vaporizer, as well as crafty vaporizer mighty vaporizer I have plenty vaporizer.

Both volcano vaporizers are metallic cone they’re older free and safe materials they are very high performing and top-of-the-line vaporizers this is these are kind of the cream of the cream if you will wear it comes to vaporizers now the only downside to the Volcano vaporizers is that they are not a portable set they come like I said in this it’s a metallic cone you could see it on the picture comes with a few different attachments but the main one is a bag of that is filled with paper and you can you know enjoyed a nice vapor in session suffer with your friends.

Some of their portable vaporizers include the crafty which as you know very compact size and fit in your front pocket and then they have the mighty vaporizer which is deafly can’t hear it in your pocket but you can store it in a bag and a backpack or anything along those lines of it so it’s not as compact as the crafty but it’s very very powerful.

Overall I think Storz and Bickel is it one of the top leading vaporizer manufacturers and there are highly recommended I think you should deathly try them out if you’re looking for a desk top unit like the volcano or something horrible like a crafter the mighty if you want to give more information about each vaporizer you can read via in-depth reviews but checking out the links below I hope you found this helpful and happy vaping!

Volcano Vaporizer Review

Mighty Vaporizer Review

Crafty Vaporizer Review

Also don’t forget that if you purchased any of these vaporizers through my legs I’m going to go ahead and hook you up with the leads to my grinder and it was super lighter just to make it that much sweeter for you guys happy baby and have a nice day