Customgrow420 Weedtuber Info + Meme

Customgrow420 aKA social media Giant

Is a weedtuber with over 1.5 subscribers on YouTube 420,000 followers on Instagram which is pretty ironic or 420.

Customgrow420 real name is Ollie and I have talked to the guy a few times instagram and he is really cool.

Okay so apparently his name is not Ali it’s Joel and I’m not sure where he is from. He doesn’t promote CBD oil or any other products on his channel.

Customgrow420 arrested

So apparently Joel I don’t know how to say his last name and two friends one on a trip to the abandoned 348 foot vance Creek Bridge then the guys went up Blunts and smoke as they traversed the steel beam.

Here is a picture of vance Creek Bridge

customgrow420 arrested

Now the funny part about it is that they would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t if it wasn’t for the fact that customgrow420 recorded it and posted it on his YouTube channel.

Customgrow420 wife

So apparently there’s not much information and I wasn’t able to find any picture of customgrow420 wife.

But to sum up Joel I think he’s a really respectable guy or should I say weedtuber that can actually make money by starting a YouTube channel.

It is possible to do something that you love and make money. This is a great way to bust into the marijuana industry, along with selling CBD oil.


Customgrow420 Youtube and Instagram

customgrow420 youtube



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