Illadelph Bongs and Glassware Review + Discount Code 2018

Illadelph Bongs and Glassware Review

Bongs and water pipes are statistically some of the safest ways to smoke your favorite strains. Illadelph has been a leading producer of aesthetically pleasing smoking devices like bongs since 2002.

It has been churning out stellar designs with hand-blow art and by keeping functionality and aesthetics at the center.

They have very scientific glass pipes, bongs and accessories made right from scratch at their research labs. There pricing might place them as high-end but their functionality and product longevity makes it worthwhile.

Illadelph is especially known for glassware like Bongs, percolators, coil condensers and up-stem ash catchers.

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, each Illadelph package comes with high quality decals, branded plastic keck clips and a printed box. They have their own online store and partners with vendors like Smoke Cartel. This makes their products easily available across the United States.


Illadelph Information and Difference

Bringing New Technology into Play

Over the years, Illadelph has introduced new effective technologies in the glass community. Concepts like Up-stem Ash CatchersPyramid Percs and Coil Condensers are just some of the ideas it has single-handedly launched and promoted.

They are one of the best when it comes to producing custom and high quality glass works.

Illadelph product features that are hard to resist:

Advanced Percolation for Maximum Filtration

Percolation can be perceived as diffusion of smoke through multiple slits submerged underwater.  Higher the number of exit points, lower the bubble size. This allows more surface area of the smoke to encounter water and hence, you get purely filtered smoke.

Illadelph water pipes and bongs utilize percolation with products ranging from eight to ninety-nine holes or slits in their design.

Harmful Chemical Filtration

One of the major concerns with active smokers is the tar content that goes into the lungs. Bongs allow added filtration, which lowers tar content. Illadelph uses simple science to make sure that such elements are properly flushed out of your smoking experience.

This process eliminates all particulate and reduces the temperature of the smoke to further prevent irritation.

Freezable Gel improves functionality of Coils

Illadelph coils contain a trademark gel to allow easy detachment and efficient storage. It was the first company to introduce the coil condenser in the pipe industry and has continued their manufacturing since the first year of business. Coils are now available in single, double, triple, and quad designs.

Experience no splash-backs with the Up-stem Ash Catcher

The up-stem system forces smoke to travel upward and around the flared top. This way there is no chance that the water will travel from the catcher back into the body of the pipe.

 Receive Medicinal and Recreational Herb Benefits

As we discussed earlier, vaporization is the most effective way to smoke pot. With Volcano Vaporizer Bagsyou will only inhale the medicinal and recreational bliss that you want.

There are many other features that make Illadelph an attractive choice for weed enthusiasts. They have a lot of cool merchandise to personalize your experience. They also indulge independent artists to design custom made smoking ware for their customers.

Therefore, as an avid pothead myself, I suggest that you try them once. They give great value for money and their stuff is pleasing to eyes, easy on the lungs and maximum on the experience!

However, make sure that you are getting Illadelph products from a verifiable source. Due to their huge popularity, there are numerous counterfeits in the market.

Want Authentic Illadelph Glassware? Key Elements to Remember

They are:

 Professional Print Box Design

Illadelph provides clearly printed, durable cardboard box packages that are sturdy and durable. Counterfeits will have fragile packaging.

 Blueprinted Die Cut Foam

The foam insert in every Illadelph glass box has blueprinted specs that are designed to protect and wrap their products adequately. Boxes containing tubes will have cutouts for slides, grinders and down stems. Ash catchers will have areas designated for removable percs only.

 Aesthetic High Quality Decals

It is easy to differentiate between a superior and inferior quality of borosilicate glass. The thickness, consistency and transparency should be perfectly well balanced. All logos are represented by vivid color and detail, with no imperfections. Counterfeits generally have stretched or distorted logo portrayal, out of print designs, or logos that are pale or chipped.

 High Quality Craftsmanship

Illadelph lays critical focus on craftsmanship and inherent aesthetic qualities associated with its products. When assessing the product look for seamless joints (All-American Glass Ground Joints), which make the structure durable and strong.

In conclusion, a healthy smoking experience involves use of equipment that provides high level filtration without compromising on medicinal and recreational elements. These Illadelph bongs and glassware do not disappoint in this endeavor

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