Mary natural is betting on becoming a global cannabis brand.

Bob Marley is a legend in everything; from reggae, song writing and even a world-renown guitarist. It has been over two decades since Bob Marley had passed but he will always be remembered. Now, he will even be remembered in the marijuana industry.

The people behind Marley Natural had launched a series of weed strains said to be associated with the late star. They believe that the Marley Natural’s brand is related to sophistication and the usage of marijuana must be kept classy. Yes, they are talking about their new line of product, Marley Natural’s marijuana which consists of Marley Green. Gold, Red and Black. Each of these comes with a distinct feature and type of strain to say the very least.

Critics are saying that Marley Natural are aiming at an existing market that doesn’t actually exist. Marijuana users are actually using it as a form of leisure and fun. Therefore, Marley Natural must be really good at targeting the right audience to ensure that they generate enough sales for both sustainability and growth.

At this point of writing, Marley Natural marijuana is only sold at selective Long Angeles dispensaries which once again, targeting higher end marijuana users. But, Marley Natural has their own secrets under their sleeves too!

Marley Natural are planning to expand their sales and marijuana product line of herbs and vaping pens to more stores in the United States (after the legal battle). By then, there will be a price different of at least $20 which will put Marley Natural’s marijuana products on an advantage.

One of the marketing extravaganza is the recent party at a luxurious mansion located in Hollywood Hills. Famous actors and musicians are invited over by Peter Thiel (PayPal co-founder) who has invested in Marley Natural’s parent company, Privateer Holdings. During the party, Marley Natural’s staff had been seen working hard in the gifting suite, where they explain the use of each product line to potential customers. One of the example is Marley Black which is said to be like ‘red wine’. It is extremely satisfying to use and often considered higher end compared to others in the product line. However, the product is also said to disappear the fastest due to low in THC and high in analgesic compound.

The marijuana industry also got some serious lifts thanks to the performance by Wiz Khalifa, Method Man and Redman as well as Stephen Marley who further boosted the marijuana economy.

Apart from that, Marley’s family received harsh comments as critics believe that they are allowing Silicon Valley firms to use the legend’s name and references to the Jamaican culture without providing any clear benefits to the country. Others have also commented (and attempted to guess) the reaction of Bob Marley on Marley Natural if the legend is still alive.

Privateer’s Public Relation director, Zack Hutson is found stating that the pricing strategy of Marley Natural is as of Starbucks, which convinced thousands and millions around the world that buying a cup of coffee at $5 is a normal thing to do. As for the record, the Privateer firm is known for being an evil moneymaking overlord as they are trying to sell and promote marijuana products at higher prices.

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