PAX labs have had quite the reputation in global weed community for churning out products with advanced tech and research that amplify smoking experiences.

Their vaporizers are one of the most sought after products. It can be clearly seen with the past success of the PAX original and PAX 2 vaporizers. Now we have the third version out and I couldn’t help but check it out.

The General Definition

The PAX 3 Vaporizer is ideally a sleekly designed and highly portable dry herb concentrate vaporizer. Some trademark features include:

  • Elegant Look and Feel
  • Ease of Use
  • Portability and Discreetness
  • Reliability
  • Included warranty

PAX 3 Vaporizer

What are the Major Updates in the PAX 3 Vaporizer?

There are major noticeable updates in the PAX 3. For instance, the concentrate insert is new. It has an upgraded battery with capacity from 3000 mAh to 3500 mAh.

You also get features like haptic feedback and vibration alerts. The new PAX Vapor app gives you control over the temperature spectrum.

Sharp Design

Portability and Build Quality

The PAX 3 Vaporizer is similar in dimensions to the previous versions. The weight however has increased by a meager 3 grams. Keeping the same size means that the accessories for PAX 2 will also work with the newer version. That’s ideal for users.

You have to clean your ovens after use. Otherwise, the whole device can become smelly. You can pickup PAX 2 End Capsto conceal the smell.

It has a highly polished finish that gives you a nice feel when you hold. You may also throw in some stylish fonts with the sleek, sharp design. This is one major improvement over PAX 2.

The device and hardware is secured by a 10-year warranty and with the PAX name behind it, quality comes assured.

PAX 3 Vaporizer Accessories and Inclusions

There are numerous additions and complementary accessories for buyers available with PAX 3 Vaporizer. You have choices for 3 kinds of chambers. You can get the original chamber lid for an oven or go for the new half-pack lid!

The Half Pack Lid is a unique and awesome. With the previous versions, a recurring complaint amongst customers was the more than required size of the oven, especially for single session users.

With the Half Pack Lid, that problem is taken care off! The Half-Pack lid reduces the amount of draw resistance and allows for a freer flowing draw. I estimate resistance is reduced by around 15-20%.

The Concentrate Insert makes the device easier to maintain and more flexible. It performs well and seals even the runniest of concentrates. The taste and vapor smoothness is really nice.


Finally, you have the Mouthpieces. The previous versions had only the flat mouthpiece. Other options are not viable cause they might cause too much heat sensation on your lips. That can be an irritant.

The newer versions however have improved mouthpieces that provide for a much more relaxing experience.

Heating Times and Temperature Options

PAX 3 Vaporizer comes with come advanced control options. Features like Boost Mode allow you to keep the oven hotter foe longer period of time. This is ideal if you are looking for faster sessions and dense vapors. A water pipe adapter goes very well with this.

You have the Efficiency Mode that increases the oven temperature throughout your session. The Stealth Mode feature cools the oven quicker and lets you have those light quick hits.


You also have the Flavor Mode that preserves the flavors while heating your herbs and while you are taking a drag.

Is it Worth a Try?


With a butt load of new features, an integrated smartphone app and upgraded accessories, we have a product that is ideal for long-term use. There is guaranteed quality assurance and a seasoned good reputation of PAX labs to rely upon.

The heating times have improved and moreover, you have increased control over them with the features that we saw above. All this allows you as an enthusiast to control and embark in the best smoking experience.

The unique design and sharp look adds to the aesthetics and the size makes it highly portable. You can easily keep it concealed as it fits right into your pocket.

So, if you are enthusiast, you must give this product a try. Vaporization is scientifically the safest and healthiest way to inhale marijuana. A good quality product like PAX 3 Vaporizer is an ideal purchase for this purpose as it lands on all quality benchmarks.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding PAX 3 Vaporizer specs, material or usage, do put them in the comments section for discussion.

Shine Papers 24 Karat Gold Review 2018

Shine Papers Review + Smoke Session

So I saw these S gold rolling papers on Instagram the other day and I thought to myself that it was pretty cool so I went online and found out a company Shine Papers makes them.

Shine Papers is based out of Las Vegas and aside from their gold rolling papers, they have other cool products like the green hand woven.

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Now, obviously I don’t need to tell you that these are not cheap by any means but should be used for a special occasion or if you are rich on every ocassion 🙂

You can pick some up at the Vape Sumo store.


Wide Selection Of Products

You can see all of their products and best price on this website.

Whiz Khalifa is one of the ownes of shine papers and they have really taken off in mainsteam.


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Sploof – Easy Way To Conceal The Smell of Marijuana

Sploof:  An Easy Way To Conceal The Smell Of Marijuana

What the heck is a sploof? Have you ever smoked a joint in an inappropriate place? If that happened then you know how embarrassing it can be when everyone can smell the joint you just smoked.

The scent of weed is pretty strong and it spreads fast, especially when the weather is warm. Worry not, because there are ways to overcome this issue.

A sploof is exactly the thing that you are thinking about. It is rather easy to make it, although it is probably not the best idea to have it with you at all times.

Let’s explore all of the pros and cons for this fun little gadget.

How Many Kinds Of Sploofs Are There?

how to make a sploof

A sploof can be any kind of smoke concealer, but usually, when someone is talking about them, they have in mind one of the two basic kinds.

A plastic bottle sploof is more or less what its name suggests. It is a top of an ordinary plastic bottle with a lot of tissue in it.

The second kind  is easier to build, but its looks are equally ridiculous. You can make them almost effortlessly and with a minimum investment of time and money.

DIY or how to make a smoke concealer

Making your own sploof is much easier than any of us thought.  You need only a few things that you already have in your household.

In order to make a plastic bottle sploof you need a plastic bottle and some paper towels, a pair of scissors and some tape or a rubber band.

After you finished cutting the bottle, use the paper towels to close the bottom, and then secure it with a piece of tape or a rubber band.

The process of making a paper towel sploof is even easier. All you need is a paper towel roll and a dryer sheet to close one end of the roll, and you are all set.

If you ended up with something looking like this, you’ve done the job correctly, but you could spend more time decorating it.

Lower Your Expectations

The idea of a sploof is to release the smoke directly into the tube, that way the smoke goes through the dryer sheet, which in turn should eliminate the smell of marijuana smoke.

Some people even hold the joint inside the roll, so all of the smoke goes through a paper towel. Expecting 100% efficiency might be a bit too optimistic. Sploofs are useful if you really want to smoke a joint and you need a quick solution for the scent, but if you constantly use them they might even become harmful.

The Dangers Of Inhaling Smoke Through Paper Towels

A study conducted by the professor at Washington State university proved that scented laundry products use chemicals that are poisonous to humans if inhaled. That is the reason why homemade smoke concealers are not a good idea on a long run.

Using them in public isn’t the best idea. Besides being obvious what you are doing, your friends might find it a bit odd that you are carrying a funny looking thing around, just to hide the scent of cannabis.

If you care about using cannabis properly, use vaporizers. They do not emit the smoke and are most beneficial for the user. Gadgets like sploofs are fun to toy around with but when it comes to their efficiency you are better off without them.

Watch this video tutorial and learn how to make a sploof:

Supercloset Review Updated 2018 + Discount Code

Have you wondered why SuperCloset is different? Low-grade systems used by people to grow cannabis indoors have a lot of disadvantages. They pose risks of failure due to pH imbalances, electrical outages or inadequate nutrient mixtures. As a state-of-the-art hydroponic grow system, SuperCloset offers an advantage to all its competitors. Its SuperPonic method is a combination of Top Feed, Aeroponic and Deep Water Culture in the same package.


Supercloset Reviewed In Depth

So how does this marijuana grow system function? An industrial-grade water pump transports the water enriched with essential nutrients to the plant. The pump’s advanced drainage system delivers the ideal amount of water and oxygen the plant needs to grow.

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A Few Unique Features

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

SuperCloset won the Best Overall System Award a few consecutive years.  Its mix of innovative features help the plants grow faster and healthier than ever before. Some of the features that ensure this kind of efficiency include:

  • Internal Circulation Fan. Airflow is the most important element contributing to the normal development of plants grown indoors. SuperCloset comes with a fantastic addition you won’t find in any other marijuana grow system. It is based on an effective Internal Circulation Fan tailored to the height of the plants you’re growing. This handy feature enables users to prevent or reduce mildew and mold problems.
  • Ideal Airflow Circulation. SuperCloset is the sole marijuana grow option featuring a cross-ventilation system. This ensures the proper airflow the plant requires to grow. Each cabinet comes with an internal circulation fan distributing optimal amounts of CO2/air to every plant.
  • SuperPonic Watering Systems. The SuperPonic watering system is the element that gives SuperCloset a competitive advantage. Fully automated and user-friendly, it comes with a wide range of features such as timers and pumps.Some of the cabinets featured by this unique system can grow up to 24 plants reaching 4.5 feet. How is that for setting a new record in the hydroponic industry?
    • Premium Cabinet Quality.When shopping for grow boxes for marijuana, you will appreciate SuperCloset’s elegance, durability and versatility. The system is made of high-density constructed steel.The boxes are light-sealed and fully insulated, and each system comes with a lock and key mechanism. The power coated black design is versatile and tasteful, and can easily find its place in any environment.
    • Net Trellis, Carbon Filters and Adaptable Lights.The adjustable net trellis system enables users to tie their plants down for maximum growth and increased stability. The feature helps with optimal plant spacing.The trellis can be adjusted based on the height of the plants.The industrial-grade air filters are other key assets allowing growers to prevent unwanted odors and purify the air.Last but not least, SuperCloset benefits from quality adaptable lighting. The company behind this system is the only one in the world producing these special 1000, 600, 400, 250 or 150 w HPS lamps. Users can bring the light as closer to the plants to obtain remarkable yields faster than ever before. The system optimizes heat dissipation, contributing to improved photosynthesizes and healthier plants.


Is It Worth It?

SuperCloset gets bonus points for its extraordinary grow features that you cannot find anywhere else or replicate on your own.

It is versatile, low-maintenance and easy to use. It looks like a smart long-term investment and a great pick for anyone looking for quality marijuana indoor growing system kits. As a plus, the DVDs, links and PDFs that accompany the equipment can help anyone become a seasoned grower in no time.


An efficient herb grinder makes your smoking experience much more refreshing. Crushing and preparing your herb manually without such kind of devices can be a toiling task.

Grinders are small tools with teeth and are used to grind up smoking herbs like marijuana and tobacco. They generally have one, two or three compartments and are made out of acrylic materials, metal or wood. There are many brands out there that provide handy stuff like the Cali Crusher Grinder. Their products are available easily and can be ordered online.

How do you decide what kind herb grinder is ideal for you?

The kind of material that to you go for before purchasing a grinder is very important, as it plays a key role. There are broadly 3 kinds of materials used in producing herb grinders like Cali Crusher Grinder:

#1 Acrylic

If you want to go for the cheapest of options then you can go for acrylic grinders. I personally don’t recommend these as the material can contaminate the herbs. Over time it also leads too quick breaks in the teeth.

If you are out of options and need a grinder anyway then you can choose them for temporary use. They don’t last very long.

After some time, the material will begin to deteriorate and the teeth will begin falling out. Pieced of broken acrylic can get mixed with your herbs and prove fatal if ingested.

#2 Metallic

Grinders made of metal are a worthwhile choice. Such materials produce the best quality grinders with high levels of sharpness and longevity. They are majorly made of aluminum and sometimes of titanium. Aluminum grinders are cheaper.

If you are worried about the safety of metal grinders then don’t worry, they are generally galvanized with zinc and silicates to allow no room for contamination and oxidation.

#3 Wooden

If they are made from raw wood (the same stuff out of which the best quality Himalayan Chillums are made of) then they are worthwhile.

You can get some beautiful wood smoke grinders with intricate designing. These have one compartment and are ideal for long-term use. The interior however, should not be painted or coated as it can lead to contamination.

The major issue with wood grinders is the life of the teeth as they can be compared to actual nails sometimes and deteriorates fast.

Do Cali Crusher Grinder Provide the Value We Desire?

If you are looking for something that suits your budget and can still win over hearts when it comes to design and looks then this brand is an ideal choice.

Cali Crusher Grinder has been manufacturing smoking equipment for a while now and offers superior quality, cost effectiveness and awesome designs.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology is used to manufacture these grinders. This allows for maximum consistency and precision while crushing.

The crushers are made out of aircraft grade aluminum. This makes them tough, light and powerful at the same time. They give you a four-piece option which comes with a micron scree to catch the finest pollen grains.

The teeth are stylized over diamonds that allows for smooth cutting and crushing.

If you go over to their website, you will find the latest and some of the most beautifully designed grinders on display. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

However, customers have often claimed that the teeth in Cali Crusher Grinder can be too sharp sometimes causing herbs to get trapped in the grinder chambers.

Some options that are worth looking at:

#1 Four Piece Crushers

Cali Crusher Grinder

This ensemble can cost you from $25 to $35 but allow for a very smooth smoking experience. They are also 2 inches in diameter can come with kief screens. There are all kinds of options with this model including clear tops and various colors namely black, blue, gold, green, pink, purple, red and silver.

#2 Two-Piece Grinders

Cali Crusher Grinder

These babies will cost you anywhere around $15-$20, are compact, light and last very long. They are easily transportable and can fit into your pockets to be carried around with ease.

The two-piece option comes only in 2-inch diameter and is available in 3 colors namely black, gold and purple.

#3 Four Piece Grinders with Crank Tops

Cali Crusher Grinder

These bad boys come for around $30 to $40. They are 2.5 inches in diameter, come with kief screens.

The unique feature here is an optional hand crank. It makes sure that the grinding method is easy on your wrist. It is only available in black color. It is an ideal option if you have to grind sticky leaves.

To conclude, if you are regular smoker then Cali Crusher Grinders have budget options that offer superior quality and long life. Make sure you know what you are buying. Keep in mind the fact that materials can affect grinders and going cheap when you shouldn’t, can lead to accidents.

Black Dog LED Grow Lights Review – Are they worth your money in 2018?

Black Dog LED Grow Lights Review

For weed enthusiasts who are looking to grow cannabis indoors and don’t know what an LED grow light is or which one to buy, this is the right place.

A grow light, often called a plant light is nothing but an artificial light source. It is an electric light, engineered to stimulate growth in plants. It does this by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum that boosts photosynthesis.

Such kind of technology is highly helpful for cannabis growers who need privacy. We understand that the act, however natural, is frowned upon at many places.

Therefore, alternative solutions like Black Dog LED grow lights and Mars Hydro LED grow lights allow us to carry out our needs safely.

LED grow lights are ideal for private indoor farming including Cannabis.

In conditions where natural light is difficult to access, these supplemental equipment help a lot in growing decently sized plantations.

There are many reasons you should consider Black Dog LED grow lights for indoor cannabis plantations. These lights have proven results when it comes to boosting yields and have unmatched hardware quality.

LED lights are also cost effective and provide savings when compared to other methods like HID lighting. Lower wattage and reduced cooling loads also help in bringing the overall costs down. Additional advantages of LED are even further reaching such as not introducing mercury into the environment every time a bulb is changed.

You must be wondering about the high initial cost associated with Black Dog LED grow lights compared to other traditional equipment available online.

This is because the long-term value associated with better yields and reduced overheads makes the Black Dog lights more valuable. This along with in-house research, inclusion of specialized spectrum and top quality components with long running lives is an attractive proposition for any cannabis plantation owner or enthusiast.

Black Dog LED Phytomax 2

The Phytomax 2 is one of their most popular models and it comes in 200, 400, 600, and 1000 watts.

Here are the technical specs:

  • All Highest-Quality, High-Efficiency 5-watt LEDs
    • Every top-bin LED is selected from the industry leader for its particular wavelength, including Cree, Osram, etc.
    • Glass primary lenses ensure durability and cleanability while maximizing efficiency
    • High light intensity and energetic spectrum, crucial for canopy penetration to nourish lower leaves and flowers
    • Even, edge-to-edge coverage eliminates leaf burn and hot spots
  • Commercial Grade
    • ETL certified to UL safety standards
    • The best active heat management in the industry, crucial to maximizing LED life, efficiency and spectrum stability
    • Largest heat sink among LED grow lights for superior cooling and increased LED life
    • Ultra-efficient, long-life fans: 70,000+ hour rated lifespan
  • Made in the U.S.A
    • Designed and built in Colorado
  • Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™
    • The most efficient spectrum for growing plants based on over 6 years of research and testing, outperforming HPS, MH, CMH, Induction and Fluorescent in equal wattage tests
    • One ideal spectrum for both Veg and Flowering stages
      • Does not stall plant growth like switching from MH to HPS does
      • Eliminates the need for separate vegetative and flowering lights
    • Decreases internodal spacing to encourage flower and leaf growth, rather than stems
  • Beyond PAR™ – UV and IR LEDs
    • UV light maximizes trichome production and makes plants more resistant to pests and diseases
    • Our UV LEDs are laboratory proven to produce higher potency/active compounds (THC, CBD, terpenes, antioxidants/vitamins and flavonoids)
    • IR light increases photosynthetic efficiency (Emerson Effect)Content Credit: Black Dog LED

Black Dog LED Grow Lights and Associated Yields

Maximized yield is one of the prime variables put into product research by the guys at Black Dog. They combine high power with their proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum.


By far, this is the closest spectrum that is perfect for high yield growth.

Their loyal customers have verified the performance of these lights. Take the Heavy T Grow Show for instance.  They came up with a challenge for LED companies to provide lights for a head-to-head test against traditional HID lighting.

Black Dog entered the competition with its BD700-F Grow Light. After 3 months and multiple on-air updates, the final results came in from the expert grower. The Black Dog LED grow light won the challenge by producing 5% more yield, while using much less power.


The 5 % Yield Means Maximized Savings

Additional profits on increased yields are pure profit with no associated costs. LED lights such as these require no additional work and in fact, decrease overall energy costs.

With the increased yields, the cost gap between the LED setup and the HID setup is paid back in less than 10 months.

You can do some simple math here yourself:

  • Cost of setting up Black Dog LED Platinum XL: USD 1799
  • Cost of setting up 1000w HID: USD 900
  • Approximate Cost Difference: USD 900

Assuming that your profits amount to a meager $240 a week.

  • Profits accumulated over 10 months (40 weeks): USD 960

There, your cost difference is automatically offset in real time with the cost benefits associated with LED Grow Lights!

Quality Quotients Associated with Black Dog LED Grow Lights

Quality of equipment is highly important when purchasing a LED grow light. You don’t want to enter deals that are very cheap but will end you up with substandard bulbs that go off within months.

Quality is a matter of perception and that can only be estimated through solid research. Therefore, analyze every aspect of the product you wish to buy.

On one hand, an increased yield provides added profit while on the other hand high quality equipment ensures longevity and reduces overheads related to maintenance and repair.

The Proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum is a key component when it comes to guaranteeing high quality. It boosts the production of terpenoids. These elements are responsible for instigating the traditional aromas and flavors associated with different plants, even cannabis.

Black Dog LED grow lights offer high quality equipment powered by their in house optical-cum-electrical technology that boosts yields and adds a highly attractive quality quotient to your plantations.

With such kind of intelligent artificial lighting, you have a greater scope of successful harvests, hybridization and amazing quality of produce. If you want to take your indoor cannabis plantations to the next level, I guess you should give the Black Dog LED grow lights  a try.

LED Grow Lights Guide

If you want to learn more about LED grow lights you can read our LED Buyers Guide right here.

How To Buy Weed Online Without Being in Legal Trouble in 2018

Trust me! You need to be very careful when trying to buy weed online. Not everyone out there is as nice as you think. There are numerous legal guidelines and rules regarding cannabis trade.

One wrong move can make the threat of being behind bars for innocent causes very real. However, with the legalization of weed in states like Colorado and Washington, more civilized, verified and authentic ways of getting weed are coming to surface.

But what to do when you live in areas where legalization to buy weed online is still far away?

Well, we all know how to hustle and find the shady corners around the block where you can get some dope.

But, there are safer online alternatives if you are careful enough.

Buy Weed Online in Virtual Black Markets

Not long ago, platforms like Atlantis and Silk Road used to be front runners in distributing weed through hidden online channels. But, after closures and FBI seizures, the black market has taken a hit.

However, it turns out that sellers are braver and smarter. Silk Road 2.0 is up and running with advanced decentralized encryption. Black Market Reloaded has been around longest at this point and both use an escrow checkout feature “finalize” which is essential to cutting out government-run “honey pot” vendors.

Here is how you can get weed from virtual black markets:

  1. Download and run Tor browser (complete privacy)
  2. Next, you need to have some Bitcoin. They may have been removed as an authorized currency but are still hot in virtual black markets and legally accepted.
  3. Buy some bitcoin. Coinbase is an ideal option for this.
  4. Search for Black Market Reloaded or Silk Road 2.0.

These sites run highly encrypted security protocols. For instance, you need a password and PIN for Silk Road every time you make a purchase.

Please note that Sheep Marketplace was recently hacked and ransacked. Black Market Reloaded and Agora are both still running. Proceed at your own risk as it is still illegal to buy weed online in most regions.

What are the chances to buy weed online safely?

For each person who gets weed safely online there are multiple people who get tricked or fooled by quacks and hackers. Many a times, they get exposed and get legally arrested.

Therefore, you need to be extremely cautious and vet your sources.

Getting Medical Marijuana Online

Medicinal Marijuana is easily available on many top-notch government authorized websites but people often get tricked by getting into the wrong portals.

Some sites claiming to sell legal cannabis have been scams. You should also be aware that it’s still possible to be arrested for purchasing marijuana due to federal law, even in states that have legalized it, especially if you do not have proper licensing, according to state laws.

You should learn your states’ laws about such activities and make yourself aware so that you can make an informed decision.

Here are some sites that legally sell medicinal Marijuana:

#1 Harborside Health Center in Oakland, CA

  • Free Delivery across San Francisco Bay Area
  • Payments only through cash, money orders and cashier’s checks
  • Sells flowers, concentrates, edibles, topical, seeds and more

#2 Speed Weed in Los Angeles, CA

  • Serves Los Angeles and Orange County
  • Flowers, edibles, hash, wax, concentrates and cannabis products
  • Requires membership to order online

#3 Crown Collective in Forestville, CA

  • Member of ASA and CANORML
  • Payment made through donations for patients with transport needs.
  • Granddaddy Purple, Blackberry Kush, Super Lemon Haze and Cherry AK wax strains available

#4 Weed Store USA in Atlanta, GA

  • One of the biggest smoke shops in the world
  • 100% natural buds along with vaporizers
  • Strains include Big Bud, Mr. Nice, Blackberry Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Hawaiian Indica, Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Herer.

The situation is ideal for people in these states to buy weed online. After legalization, selling laws have been relaxed resulting in such benefits. However, for other states and people globally, buying weed online is generally not that easy.

Many countries like Canada who have completely legalized recreational marijuana, dynamic online platforms that offer high quality products are coming up.

Take GanjaExpress, for instance. It offers very high quality of strains at affordable prices.


Places, where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes such as Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia, should be on your radar for resources to check in the future.

Before you buy weed online, websites need to be checked for trust level with a site such as It allows you to verify and authenticate your sources.

Can You Buy CBD Oil Legally In California?

New California Legislation Makes It Legal To Buy CBD

In past years, people looking to use marijuana were left out in the cold by law makers. The state of California had classified marijuana, including CBD and cannabidiol products that do not contain THC as illegal and not available for use. Now, however, all that has changed and in addition to regular marijuana being legal to smoke or vape, now California residents can also ingest CBD oil and all of the associated products completely legally. They are no longer risking any prosecution by doing this, which is a beautiful thing. CBD oils and gummies can be used for a wide variety of health conditions, and these products are offering relief to substantial numbers of people.

Is CBD Currently Legal To Use In California?

Yes. CBD is now legal to buy, possess, and use in the great state of California.

What Health Conditions Does CBD Treat?

CBD oil treats many different conditions including anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. If you are suffering from this make sure that you check out some gummies or other sublingual or even topical products. The route of administration is key, and depending on your specific disease or condition, you may need to find the specific one that is right for you. Some states and doctors are even looking into using CBD for cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Selecting The Proper CBD Product For You

You must make sure to get the right product for your condition as well. As mentioned above, there are oils and vapes you can use to treat your condition by ingesting these cannabis products.

You will want to always make sure you are selecting a brand that produces a high-quality product and has good customer policies.