If you are living in Denver, you can call yourself lucky today … and you may be wondering why, right?

In this post, you will discover everything about marijuana dispensaries especially with Denver dispensaries. You will find important information such as their store locations and what to expect when you are there.

Ready to dive in?

Marijuana, also known as cannabis is now legal to be use for leisure in several states in the United States. Slowly, the legalization will spread across more states and it certainly bring both positive and negative reviews about it.


What to expect in marijuana dispensaries?

Majority of the Denser dispensaries offer two basic types of cannabis; sativa and indica.

Sativa is commonly known as more upbeat and cerebral sensation while indica is often considered as pain killers and providing more sedative effect for its users.

As for the record, marijuana is considered a great ‘ailment’ for patients who experience insomnia. For example, the usage of indica could help patients suffering from insomnia to help them relax and fall asleep.

On the other hand, sativa could also be used to fight pain but it doesn’t cause drowsiness.

When you are in the Denver dispensaries, you are required to go through security clearance or checking such as providing identification card, driving license or original letter of recommendations from your doctor.

If it is your first time to the dispensary, you are required to fill out a membership registration form and once that is completed, the staffs in the Denver dispensaries will provide a quick overview of the dispensary policies (as well as guidelines).

Once everything is done, feel free to roam around the Denver dispensaries. You can also purchase marijuana vaporizers and some of these Denver dispensaries provide on-site consumption. If you are planning to consume marijuana on-site, make sure you find the right spot to light up to avoid discomfort to others.


List of Denver dispensaries

  1. Denver Dispensaries #1

Name: The Giving Tree of Denver

Location: Northwest

2707 W 38th Ave

Denver, CO 80211

Phone number: (303) 477-8888


  1. Denver Dispensaries #2

Name: Good Chemistry

Location: Northwest, Uptown

330 E Colfax Ave

Denver, CO 80203

Phone number: (720) 524-4657


  1. Denver Dispensaries #3

Name: Denver Recreational

Location: Northwest, Five Points

2117 Larimer St

Denver, CO 80205

Phone number: (303) 296-2093


  1. Denver Dispensaries #4

Name: Starbuds

Location: Northeast

4690 Brighton Blvd

Denver, CO 80216

Phone number: (720) 387-8952


  1. Denver Dispensaries #5

Name: Euflora

Location: Northwest, CBD

401 16th St Mall

Denver, CO 80202

Phone number: (303) 534-6255


  1. Denver Dispensaries #6

Name: Colorado Harvest Company

Location: Southwest

1178 S Kalamath St

Denver, CO 80223

Phone number: (720) 900-4931


  1. Denver Dispensaries #7

Name: GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique

Location: Northeast, City Park

3121 E Colfax Ave

Denver, CO 80206

Phone number: (303) 309-0078


  1. Denver Dispensaries #8

Name: Native Roots

Location: Northwest, CBD

1555 Champa St

Denver, CO 80202

Phone number: (303) 623-1900


  1. Denver Dispensaries #9

Name: Caregivers For Life

Location: Southeast, Cherry Creek

310 Saint Paul St

Denver, CO 80206

Phone number: (720) 536-5462


  1. Denver Dispensaries #10

Name: Dank

Location: Northeast, Park Hill

3835 Elm St

Denver, CO 80207

Phone number: (303) 394-3265


Bonus Tips

According to state’s law, Denver dispensaries cannot operator later than 7pm. So, what happens you need to smoke and looking for Denver dispensaries that open late?

Well, worry no more. While most Denver dispensaries only opens until a specific time (say 7pm), you can still purchase marijuana from locations slightly away from town. Here are a few which you can choose from:

  • Live Green Cannabis, Edgewater
  • The Green Solution, Edgewater
  • New Age Medical, Edgewater
  • Greenwerkz, Edgewater
  • Native Roots, Edgewater


Summary – Denver Dispensaries

There are many Denver dispensaries you can choose from to purchase marijuana or weed legally. However, always remember that you bring sufficient documentations during your visit to these Denver dispensaries to ensure you will be granted access.

If you decide to smoke weed in these Denver dispensaries, make sure that you ask for directions (if it’s your first time) for those designated smoking areas.

In hope you find the lists of Denver dispensaries useful and while there are more Denver dispensaries around, the listed are the ones that are extremely popular and having positive reviews.