Twisty Glass Blunt Review in 2018

Thinking about buying the twisty glass blunt?

Are you an adventure seeker, or do you smoke blunts with one? Then the Twisty Glass Blunt should already be on your shopping list along with CBD oil. The twisty glass blunt is an all-in-one deal that makes smoking anywhere super easy, even if you’ve got a dog leash, hiking stick or canoe paddle in one hand.

twisty glass blunt review


First of all, the product is a marvel of innovation, design, and craftsmanship. As if the all-gold-everything couldn’t get better, the look of the gold corkscrew twist and elegant glass is going to class up every session you initiate with your new toy. In fact, once you use the Twisty Glass Blunt, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for regular joints or blew your entire paycheck on a complicated vaporizer (especially if it is a unit that regularly breaks down). With this, you always have up to 1.5 grams of your favorite herb ready to toke on. You can also use it to ingest CBD oil, which contains no THC.

One of the stand-out features is that the blunt can be packed way ahead of time and stored discreetly anywhere on your person without breaking or spilling herb. While testing the unit out, we filled it at home, transported it via pocket on a long afternoon hike and then smoked it that evening without a problem. Twisty resisted shattering, unscrewing, and moisture throughout the day and we were able to get a few small sessions out of the 1.5 grams inside. Amazing! The best part was that it contains the scent of marijuana so well that you can’t even detect it on you (though we don’t recommend testing this in an airport or border crossing).

How does it work?

Pack the Twisty Glass Blunt with cannabis—not too packed—and twist the gold screw counter-clockwise into the tube. Light the end and puff, puff, pass. When you’re ready to dip the ash from the blunt, all you have to do is give the coil a clockwise twice, and the ash will get pushed out the other side of the glass tube.

The designers also gave the Twisty Glass Blunt a clever “infini-cherry” which helps avoid having to light the piece before every pull. Continuous tokes mean evenly heated tokes too—no canoeing like those pesky joints or blunts.

With the 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt, you get an economical way to smoke your medical or recreational weed that doesn’t burn up all of the medicinal cannabinoids before you get to inhale them.

What comes in every Twisty Glass Blunt box?

– 1 Twisty Glass
– 1 Microfiber bag
– 1 Cleaning brush
– 2 Rubber caps

Each Twisty Glass Blunt also comes with a premium 2mm thick German-engineered SCHOTT’s glass that is ready to go. The unit is so durable the only thing you can do to ruin is to lose one of the parts. But it is so affordable that you won’t hate yourself if that does happen. If all you want to do is transport your favorite herb to an event or friend’s house, you can also use the glass of the blunt to contain it and cap it off without the gold coil inside. How clever!

Do you use cannabis to treat OCD anxiety? Many people do- often with raw herb or just with CBD oil extract. Then you will love how easy it is to clean this item. All you need is Isopropyl alcohol, the included cleaning brush, and cotton swabs or pads. A small amount of alcohol on the cotton will help wipe all residue from the glass, leaving it completely sanitized, and the brush will take care of the tiny holes in the filter—caregivers who work with medical marijuana patients love this about the Twisty Glass Blunt, and so do we. But even if you aren’t a stickler for cleanliness, the ability to remove all residue from the unit means that the terpenes from the cannabis come through cleaner and tastier.

If you’re looking to move on from conventional joints but don’t want to move to anything electronic, then this is a clean and portable avenue to take. Do you agree with our Twisty Glass Blunt review? Tell us in the comments or tweet at us with your take on the 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt.

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