Recently, marijuana vaporizers have become extremely popular lately. However, there are still those who are still unfamiliar with the term and even this form of smoking. Smoking marijuana has proved to be effective especially in the medical world and there are many ways to smoke marijuana (for medical reasons) such as using marijuana vaporizers. So, if you are looking for a good guide on marijuana vaporizing and types of marijuana vaporizers, this is the right article for you.


What is marijuana?

Marijuana—also called weed, herb, pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, and a vast number of other slang terms—is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried, shredded leaves and flowers of Cannabis sativa—the hemp plant.

Some smoke smoke marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes and recently, the trend of using marijuana vaporizers are growing rapidly.

Marijuana is consumed mainly for medical purposes and some uses it for leisure.


What is marijuana vaporizers?

Marijuana vaporizers are devices which are used to smoke marijuana. Marijuana vaporizers come in many sizes and were in the market as early as September 2013. The most popular marijuana vaporizers are the ones that are pocket-sized and uses rechargeable battery.

Portable marijuana vaporizers could only be used for liquid and operates using a cartridge.

While vaporizers has been around in the market for some time, the benefits of using marijuana vaporizers have just become widely known in recent years. All marijuana vaporizers comes in a simple heating source and a delivery system. Most vaporizers, commonly dubbed “Vapes”, use a system of conduction, convection, radiation, or a combination of the three to employ heat.


How does marijuana vaporizers work?

Most of the marijuana vaporizers are using the same methodology; heating the herbal weed or cannabis to between 185 to 210 degrees Celsius (or 365 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit). The constant heat from marijuana vaporizers will heat up the active ingredients and after it achieved the desired temperature, the ingredients will evaporate into gas without burning the plan material.

Marijuana vaporizers are usually the bigger option for many as vaporizing releases a lower proportion of carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals than does smoking (although the proportion may vary depending on the design of the vaporizer and the temperature at which it is set). Marijuana vaporizers would heat up the marijuana right below the point of combustion.


Apart from that, study conducted by the University of California San Francisco had shown that smoking marijuana through marijuana vaporizers produce the same amount of active therapeutic chemicals as well as biological effects compared to smoking marijuana. At the same time, marijuana vaporizers produce lesser (or no) harmful toxins. The below is a quote from their study lead author, Donald I. Abrams:

“We showed in a recent paper in the journal ‘Neurology’ that smoked cannabis can alleviate the chronic pain caused by HIV-related neuropathy, but a concern was expressed that smoking cannabis was not safe. This study demonstrates an alternative method that gives patients the same effects and allows controlled dosing but without inhalation of the toxic products in smoke.”

Another study performed by researchers at Leiden University found that the effects of using a vaporizer are “comparable to the smoking of cannabis, while avoiding the respiratory disadvantages of smoking.”


Advantages using marijuana vaporizers

Marijuana vaporizers could assist in reducing irritation to the respiratory toxins produced by the smoke from marijuana. Basically, marijuana vaporizers would allow you to inhale a mist instead of the actual smoke and this is how it can avoid irritation and even smoking in the toxins.

Reports had shown that patients who smoke marijuana using vaporizers experience better reliefs.

With multiple studies done on marijuana vaporizers (and the action of vaporizing), it is safe to say smoking marijuana through marijuana vaporizers is much better than going raw and directly (or smoking directly).


Popular marijuana vaporizers

Here are some of the popular marijuana vaporizers which you can purchase (both online and in stores):

  • Tabletop marijuana vaporizers
  • Oil-based vape pens
  • Wax-based vape pens
  • Plant-based vape pens
  • Volcano-style vaporizers
  • Customized, artistic vape pens
  • Gas-powered vaporizers
  • Stealth vaporizers

These marijuana vaporizers come in various prices and sizes. It is important to ensure that you are only using authentic marijuana vaporizers to ensure the safety and effectiveness of smoking marijuana.